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Mortal Kombat 12 Is Practically A Ported Version of Mortal Kombat 11



It turns out that Mortal Kombat 12: Onaga’s Revenge has a massive roster, but basically Mortal Kombat 11’s re-released, with a roster featuring fighters from Mortal Kombat 9 and Mortal Kombat 10. Fans expect that Injustice 3 is being worked on in development, but while that may be the case, NetherRealm Studios is actually focusing on Mortal Kombat 12. 50 fighters will be available to choose from and no new characters are available for the developed video game, which is probably confidential. There may be a surprise where you get more fighters from Mortal Kombat 12, but so far, you get the same ones in the last 3 titles.

A Twitter user, Ska ‘Vorah shared a screenshot of a 4chan post, where someone mentions that NetherRealm laid off 14 people after releasing Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate Edition. If you were to get laid off from NetherRealm, would you honestly hate Scorpion’s infamous catchphrase, “Get over here”? Would you still be a fan of Mortal Kombat if you were laid off by NetherRealm Studios? Seeing parts of all of your hard work in a game developer company that fired you, has to be heartbreaking.


Hopefully, those laid off still have other sources of income. If it makes anyone feel slightly better, in 1985, Steve Jobs was fired from his own company, Apple (after losing a boardroom battle with John Sculley). There is a difference between being laid off and fire and that difference is, who is at fault. 

Mortal Kombat’s 30th anniversary is coming up soon and the only characters that will not be appearing on Mortal Kombat 12, are guest characters from Mortal Kombat X and Mortal Kombat 11’s DLC (downloadable content). Since Harley Quinn was supposed to be a guest character in Mortal Kombat 11, she will be in the upcoming Mortal Kombat’s game roster.


Why you should Want Mortal Kombat 12?: 

Why should we want a video game that features practically the same characters, which can be lackadaisical development work? In Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Two #13, Black Canary discovers that Harley Quinn has a daughter named Lucy.

The DC animated universe, shows Harley’s grandchildren are Delia and Deidra (referred to as Dee Dee). They are also gymnasts and criminals, introduced in the Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. So unless Harley Quinn’s children and/or grandchildren are being introduced to the Mortal Kombat series, there are additional characters, and/or new features, your best reason for buying Mortal Kombat 12, is because of the NetherRealm’s legacy. 

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