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“Monster Truck Championship” Available For PS5 and More!

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The feeling to want to crush things never could’ve been around at a better time. In your own monster truck, you’re performing a variety of tricks, resulting in you likely getting your tires dirty, launching on March 11, 2021, for PS5 (PlayStation 5), Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, it’s the arcade game, “Monster Truck Championship.” Already, the game is available on PS4 (PlayStation 4), Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, ever since its October 15, 2020 release date. 


Monster Truck Championship - Official Trailer | Gamescom 2020


Take a ride against drivers in drag races and freestyle competitions. Who said monster trucks can’t go fast? There’ll be a rigorous competition and you have to dodge, crush, jump, and crash your way to victory. If you can last throughout this entire game in a race without crashing, then I take back what I said. On the other hand, I don’t because there’s not just competitive races. There’s competitions from Las Vegas to Orlando. 

Developed by Teyon, the same ones that brought you “Terminator Resistance”, in “Monster Truck Championship,” you have your 1500-horsepower, oversized parts made like a childhood dream come true. All you have to do is take control of the wheel and hope nobody gets hurt, but you won’t be thinking about injuries while the wind is blowing in your face and you feel an adrenaline rush from the major jumps and bumps you take. 

Monster Truck Championship - Freestyle Gameplay

You can go past the legal speed limit and it’s all done in a monster truck arena where an understanding, jam-packed crowd cheers you on. There’s room for fireworks and you’ll visit the major stadiums to please everyone’s desire to see oversized trucks fly in the air and crush. Just the sound of the crushing if you close your eyes is satisfying. 

In “Career” mode, three championship tiers, each featuring 10 main events. In several game modes, the player can race on 25 circuits in 10 different cities across the United States. With 16 monster trucks, you’ll be in two types of racing: conventional circuit racing and drag racing. There’s a destruction mode, time attack mode and online where up to 8 players can race against each other. There’s a “Training” mode and in the “Garage,” you can customize how you want your monster truck to look. 

With this addictive, action and simulation game, there’s an argument that during races, when the trucks are spread out, it can get boring. You can be the judge of that, since the game was available on Steam ever since October 15, 2020. You’re in control of the monster truck’s rotation and can speed up while glancing at the visible acceleration. If you like what you see (because you can literally look up the gameplay online), you can just get to smashing some auto parts as the biggest, baddest monster truck around.

You already know what to expect from the gameplay, but after physically playing the game, you’d likely love the game. The arena have commentary, you get points for how much you crush objects (like cars and trailers) and wound up landing technical back flips, double back flips, and front flips with the truck. Also, when you see the monster truck stand on the back of its two wheels moving forward like a dog, it may make you feel like you’re actually at a monster truck arena. 

The camera mode will switch to a slow-motion effect while you perform big jumps, getting you excited about the results of the landing. If your monster truck actually tilts over or lands upside-down, (because it’s a video game), your truck eventually moves back to driving position. Try doing that in real life. Switch from first person to third person mode to get a different vibe and watch the replay after you’ve completed the destruction. This sports game comes in English, Portuguese (Brazil), French, and Spanish subtitles. 

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