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Minecraft Is Joining Forces With Disney World and More



Disney and Minecraft are joining forces to celebrate the Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary. A huge Minecraft DLC (downloadable content) will be released, to allow players to explore a virtual version of the Florida theme park. 

The DLC Pack:

Included in the pack: a map recreating Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, player skins, character meet and greets, a virtual version of the park’s iconic fireworks show, and more. More possible attractions included in the map to help you relive your physical visit are Space Mountain, Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Carribean, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Haunted Mansion.

Minecraft x Walt Disney Magic Kingdom DLC: Official Trailer

The DLC pack is available on the Minecraft Marketplace for 1340 Minecoins (which is worth less than $10). Also, the DLC pack includes 29 Disney and Pixar characters, to meet and greet, character creator items (like the iconic Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears), and 25 different Disney-themed skins. 

Minecraft 1.18: 

Mojang Studios’ Minecraft 1.18 will launch on November 30, 2021, with the Caves & Cliffs Part 2 features. The Bedrock Edition will be available on PS4 (PlayStation 4), PS5 (PlayStation 5), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Windows 10 and 11 PCs. For the Java Edition, Minecraft 1.18 will be available for Mac, Windows, and Linux PCs. While there is a Minecraft 1.18 on the way, it is confirmed that the Wild Update (Minecraft 1.19) will not be made.

What's New in Minecraft 1.18 Pre-release 2? Java 17!

Europa Universalis 4 Is Receiving More DLC:

Johan Anderson (the Studio Manager for Paradox Tinto) shared information in this week’s dev diary, “We aim to release another larger ‘hotfix’ for any issues remaining. [and] this should be out in good time before the Grandest Lan in December.” So a larger patch with improvements to Europa Universalis IV is expected, then the team will work on the next piece of EU4 DLC. Anderson also mentioned reducing the number of bugs in Europa Universalis IV, which were around, ever since it’s 2013 release. 

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