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Microsoft Execs Accused of “Verbal Abuse And Sexual Harassment” in New Report

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Employees at the company have accused several senior executives at Microsoft executives of bad behavior including verbal abuse and sexual harassment. According to a new report, Microsoft's executive branch is rife with harassment and misbehavior. 

In the report by Insider  (via Windows Central), employees accused Alex Kipman, Terry Myerson, and Tom Keane of fostering a hostile workplace atmosphere while working at Microsoft. The report discussed Microsoft's “golden boys” at length.

A source describes an instance that involved HoloLens VR headset developer and head of Microsoft's metaverse division, Alex Kipman. According to the source, Kipman was using a VR headset to watch indecent content, which was then projected onto an external screen in front of his coworkers. As distressing as it is, Kipman was watching what an employee described as “VR porn.” He was watching a video of young women in a pillow fight while wearing practically nothing. This incident put off the employees and several of them left the room as a result.

In another instance, an employee describes an occasion in which Kipman continued to rub a female employee's shoulders even after she “shrugged her shoulders” in an attempt to stop him. She became noticeably uncomfortable and he did not stop despite her efforts to stop him.

In the report, Kipman is accused of creating “a culture that diminishes women's contributions.” The HR and supervisors made considerable efforts to keep women away from him. Microsoft HR also appointed “chaperones” for Kipman to keep an eye on him during meetings and keep everything under control.

Terry Myerson & Tom Keane

Insider's story also slammed Terry Myerson, who headed Windows, and Tom Keane, a corporate vice president of Microsoft's Azure cloud-computing division.

Myerson reportedly had a shouting “meltdown” in which he berated everyone in earshot backstage at a Microsoft event. The incident is reportedly the reason he left the company without an explanation in 2018.

Employees at the company nicknamed ex-executive Keane “King Tom” behind his back for his autocratic management style. The employees say that at one point he made an employee cry publicly. However, after an inexplicable 30-day absence, Keane was moved from his post at Azure at Microsoft in January. Sadly he continues to supervise “hundreds of employees” at the company.

Microsoft has not responded to any of these claims. We will keep you updated on any developments on this story.


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