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Microsoft And Sega Forge Alliance For Next-Gen Cloud Gaming



In a strategic bid to expand on the gaming monopoly, Sega has forged an alliance with Microsoft, with both parties’ future plans set to establish a next-gen cloud gaming service.

Benefitting from Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, Sega will work closely with the tech giant to help further expand on their own on-demand portfolio. After taking into account that cloud streaming is the driving force in the industry in this day and age, Sega will now look to forge a new empire in which future games will be available on a much wider, more flexible scale. So, you can expect the Japanese gaming kingpin to make a swift comeback.

“This proposed alliance represents SEGA looking ahead, and by working with Microsoft to anticipate such trends as they accelerate further in future, the goal is to optimize development processes and continue to bring high-quality experiences to players using Azure cloud technologies,” Sega wrote after the announcement.

Sega will use Microsoft’s Azure technology to help further advance their on-demand platform.

Onwards and upwards

Of course, this isn’t the first time Sega has reached out to Microsoft for a proposed alliance. Let’s not forget that the Tokyo-based firm did actually attempt to have Xbox include Dreamcast games via backwards compatibility. So, a close-knit relationship isn’t exactly new between the two. And as for the future, well, only time will tell on that one.

“We look forward to working together as they explore new ways to create unique gaming experiences for the future using Microsoft cloud technologies,” Microsoft’s Sarah Bond commented. “Together we will reimagine how games get built, hosted, and operated, with a goal of adding more value to players and SEGA alike.”

With Sega and Microsoft officially tying the knot, a slew of joint ventures can’t be that far off. Until the stories are drafted, however, we’ll first have to keep a close on Sega to see what card gets revealed next. Microsoft is one thing, sure. But what comes next? Whatever the case, the future certainly is looking full of opportunity for Sega. All we can do now is wish them all the best on this next leg of the journey. Onwards and upwards!

So, what comes next? What are your thoughts on the established alliance between Sega and Microsoft? Are you excited to see a new cloud-based platform? Let us know over on our socials here.

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