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Marvel Changes the Name of the Upcoming Eternals – The Undying



eternals: the undying

Marvel has reviewed the title of the upcoming Eternals: The Undying one-shot, renaming it Eternals: The Heretic.

Spoilers Alert!

The publisher has not stated the reason behind the change of the title. However, the previous subtitle ‘The Undying‘ is part of the name of the book’s main character, Uranos the Undying.

In the weeks leading up to and after the release of Marvel Studios’ Eternals, Marvel Comics and  writer Kieron Gillen has been releasing a series of Eternals specials alongside the ongoing series Gillen writes with artist Esad Ribić.

Eternals: The Undying, a one-shot with art by Ryan Bodenheim and a cover by Andrea Sorrentino, will be released in February 2022.

The one-shot explores Thanos’ imminent new role as leader of the Eternals. If you’re more of an MCU fan or a Marvel Comics reader who isn’t reading the Eternals at the moment, Thanos will soon become the leader of the Eternals. Thanos is a Deviant in the Marvel comic book universe.

Uranos, the Undying, is Thanos’ “Omnigenocidal Great Uncle,” even “more horrible” than him. He is the worst leader the Eternals have ever seen in Eternals: The Undying.

The official summary describes also Thanos as evil. However, it describes Uranos as the “original evil” from whom all Eternals descend.

Remember that the origins of the Eternals in comic books somehow vary from their big-screen counterparts.

“For a second, try and have sympathy with Thanos.” Gillen Wrying says in a statement about the special.

“He was born on Titan, to a family which he loathes and has nothing in common with. In our run, he arrives on Earth, and meets the rest of his extended family… and discovers that it’s the same thing, all over again,” the statement continues.

The release date of the now renamed Eternals: The Heretic has also been pushed one month forward, to March 16th.

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