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Manage Your Own Hotel With Hotel Life: A Resort Simulator



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Take the honor of knowing that a hotel simulator game (which probably would somewhat remind you of ‘The Sims’ video game series) is releasing. “Hotel Life: A Resort Simulator” allows you to see the struggling side of creating a hotel, all in a fun way. The mission? Provide unforgettable memories for guests. On August 26, 2021, you can be in charge of your very own hotel. 

That’s right. Create your own expansive suites that suits your mind. Manage your hotel (from all aspects of your holidaymakers’ stay, to check-in to check-out) and watch your business flourish. “Hotel Life: A Resort Simulator” will be available for “Xbox One,” “Xbox Series X/S,” “PS4 (PlayStation 4),” “PS5 (PlayStation 5),” “Nintendo Switch,” and “PC.”

What is the one thing everyone wants from a hotel? If you guessed good manners, that may be true, but while that may keep the business running, we really want a clean environment. You are in charge of cleaning the place and with that type of responsibility, that should put a full-size smile on your face. 

Hotel Life: A Resort Simulator - Reveal Trailer

There is no telling what types of items you may find in a real hotel bedroom, but in “Hotel Life: A Resort Simulator,” you have to do a lot of work. What type of work do you have to do? Choose the ideal location you would prefer your hotel to be at, build all of the facilities (reception, pool, restaurant, bungalows, etc.) and be as creative as you’d like. 

There is plenty of interior and exterior space and room for decoration. Decide which colors and materials you want (like wood, concrete, stone, plaster, etc.) for a finishing touch. 

Customer Service:

The pressure of giving good customer service can be like sitting on a lazy horse. Like a 5-star service, pick up your guests from the airport. This is the game for you where you have to recruit staff responsible for the cleaning, tidying, food, and entertainment. Well, you cannot forget the food, even though restaurants can be more advertising. 


It is already established that you can recruit your own staff, but you can also organize jobs that need more work, create menus, manage reservations, optimize the hotel’s profitability, etc. After accomplishing much, you can expand and upgrade areas (like adding a sauna, a larger pool, a DJ stage, new sports equipment, etc.) if your budget allows it.

Sandbox Mode:

For those with a desire to choose their own venture, “Sandbox” mode is available (where you can choose to manage an existing hotel or create your own). 

Wait Mode: 

In “Wait Mode,” you can fully admire what you built, taking a mini holiday to spend without any responsibilities. Brush off the pressure and relax with this mode. 

Career Mode: 

“Career Mode” is when your family is involved in a story mode. It is your duty to help manage a little hotel after your aunt and uncle call you. They will be busy in an important meeting and you have to keep the business running smoothly. Before launching your own career, this is your step to gain experience in the same profession. 

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