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Make Friends and Hear Stories From Creatures In Hoa



Nintendo Enthusiast. ©. March 6, 2021.

Hand-painted art is pleasing to the eyes. Puzzle platforming games can make you feel like a workaholic. Developed by “Skrollcat Studio” and soon to be published by “PM Studios,” expect hand-painted art and engaging, live-recorded music in this puzzle game called “Hoa.” When Will it be released and for what platforms? To answer that, it is August 24, 2021 on “Xbox One,” “Xbox Series X/S,” “PS4 (PlayStation 4),” “PS5 (PlayStation 5),” “Nintendo Switch,” and “Steam.” 

Hoa - Announcement Trailer


The title of the game is “Hoa” and the main character you play as, is Hoa. While the vast world is hand-painted with a Studio Ghibli-inspired art style and Vietnamese cultural influences, there will be magical creatures around that you have to look for. This may be a daunting task for gamers not knowing what to expect from the creatures. Some creatures may just want friendship while others want to tell you a story. Maybe you will adore the creatures during the gameplay. Wait! According to the “Hoa” video game website, “Cuteness guaranteed.”

Navigate around and solve exploration-based puzzles and experience captivating storytelling. What should make the game more interesting is that the music was live-recorded. Be a child and it will be easy and hard at the same time. Son Cao Tung (Game Director) mentioned, the Vietnamese influence is applied on a much grander scale than any specific part of the game’s look or point in the storyline. 

There is so much nature in the trailer with a magical experience. In Vietnamese, the word “hoa” means flower. So if the game was named after a flower, maybe you will have to discover a beautiful flower along your journey. Unless the developers spoil us more, there is only one way to find out about what else is in “Hoa.” Wait for the game to be released and cherish the artwork, music, and gameplay simultaneously. 

Hoa - 7 Minutes of Developer-Narrated Gameplay

Supported Languages: 

English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Italian, and Japanese

Okay. Somebody may have to say it, but “Hoa” is obviously a Vietnamese game, and Vietnamese is not a supported language for “Hoa,” at least for the time being. Vietnamese is the national language of Vietnam, but there are 110 recognized dialects in and languages spoken there.

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