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10 “Best” Live Dealer Roulette Games in the UK (February 2024)

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In a time when artificial intelligence and technological advancements have revolutionized online gaming, live roulette emerges as a captivating option for those yearning for an authentic casino ambiance.

Live roulette transports the thrill of the casino to your personal space through state-of-the-art, real-time video streaming. In this innovative format, professional croupiers manage the game from a genuine roulette table, enabling players to witness every spin, bounce, and roll of the ball. Furthermore, the interactive chat feature allows participants to engage with the croupier and even connect with fellow players.

If you are new to the game, you can learn how to play roulette, or you can find the best casinos that offer live dealers below.

1.  Villento Casino

Villento Casino is an online gambling platform offering a wide range of gaming options, including live baccarat, blackjack and of course baccarat. The site has gained a strong reputation for providing an immersive and user-friendly gaming experience.

The Casino features an array of live roulette tables suitable for players with different budgets. The platform offers various live roulette versions, ensuring that enthusiasts have numerous options to keep their gaming sessions engaging and exciting.

Villento Casino is an excellent choice for live roulette fans, delivering a smooth and engaging gaming experience. With a diverse selection of tables, professional dealers, and robust security measures, players can enjoy their favorite card game with confidence and enthusiasm.

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2.  Casino Action

Next, we have Casino Action, which has been active for about 2 decades, after being founded in 2000. This is by far the oldest casino on our list, and the fact that it is still around after all these years means that it definitely did something right.

The casino employs knowledgeable and amiable dealers who expertly manage the games while fostering a congenial atmosphere. Their professionalism contributes to an authentic casino experience, making players feel as though they were at a land-based venue.

The platform is also optimized for mobile devices, allowing users to enjoy live roulette on the go without sacrificing the quality of the experience.

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3.  Grand Hotel Casino

Grand Hotel Casino is also one of the oldest platforms that UK players can access and play roulette online on. It has been around since 2001, and it got eCOGRA certification, as well as a gaming license from the UK Gambling Commission. Over the last 21 years, the platform developed a reputation as a safe place with plenty of games on offer.

The site's design is intuitive and straightforward to navigate, allowing players to easily locate their preferred table games. The platform is also optimized for mobile devices, ensuring users can enjoy live roulette on the go without compromising the quality of the experience.

The casino offer timely and helpful customer support through various channels, including live chat and email. Support is offered promptly, ensuring that players can address any issues they might face.

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4.  UK Casino Club

UK Casino Club is a distinguished online gambling platform that presents an extensive array of gaming choices, with live roulette being one of its highlights. The site has earned accolades for its captivating and user-centric gaming experience.

UK Casino Club features an eclectic game selection, they clearly take pride in offering an impressive range of live table games, designed to accommodate players with diverse skills and bankrolls. The platform continually updates its live blackjack portfolio, presenting an array of variations that keep even the most discerning enthusiasts engaged and entertained.

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5.   Casino Classic

Moving on, we have Casino Classic, and this name describes it quite well, since it is another 22-year-old platform that is also among the oldest Microgaming software users. With over two decades of experience and operation, the platform has seen everything, experienced everything, and it knows how to ensure that its players will have a good time.

Casino Classic offers multiple payment methods popular in the UK, as well as over 500 different games that you can play. Blackjack is, of course, ranking high on that list. The platform is fully licensed by UKGC, and it passed eCOGRA’s audit, so you can be sure that it is perfectly legitimate and safe to use. Its minimum deposit is also 10 GBP, which makes it available for a large number of players.

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6.  All British Casino

All British Casino, established in 2013 and regulated by the British Gambling Commission, is a prominent figure in the UK online gaming market, known for its user-friendly design and extensive game library. Among its over 600 games, the casino is particularly renowned for its live dealer roulette, offering a variety of options including classic European and American roulette, alongside innovative versions.

These live roulette games are streamed in high-definition, featuring professional dealers, and provide an immersive experience akin to a real casino. In addition to roulette, the casino also offers live baccarat and blackjack, each with multiple tables and unique variations. All British Casino supports multiple payment methods and allows direct deposits in GBP, enhancing convenience for UK players.

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7.  Blackjack Ballroom

Blackjack Ballroom is an online casino established in 1999, and ever since, it has operated as a fully licensed and regulated online gambling platform. It holds multiple licenses, including the ones issued by the Malta Gaming Authority and, of course, the license of the UK Gaming Commission.

As the name implies they offer multiple variants of blackjack, including live dealer games. On top of this they also offer a wide selection of classic casino games including baccarat, roulette, craps, video poker, progressive jackpots, and and much more.

Our final verdict is that this is definitely a great platform, well worth of your time. It has an excellent game selection, plenty of deposit and withdrawal methods, and it offers mobile support, which makes it very available and user-friendly. Minimum deposits and withdrawals are low, and customer service is available at any time of day and night via multiple methods.

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8.  Zodiac Casino

Nearing the end of our list, we have Zodiac Casino. Zodiac is the youngest one on this list, as it was only established in 2018. Despite its young age in comparison to the others, however, the platform advanced quickly, and it became a part of the Casino Rewards network, which allowed it to connect to some of the biggest names in this industry.

Zodiac also uses a combination of two major software providers – Microgaming and Evolution. It was also regulated by the UK authorities as well as Malta Gaming Authority, and it holds eCOGRA accreditation. However, the most interesting part about it is the fact that it lets its first-time users deposit a minimum of only 1 GBP. This only works the first time, however, and after that initial deposit, the minimum will be 10 GBP, like on other platforms on this list. But, this extremely low first deposit means that you can start playing roulette with a single pound in your wallet. This is what attracted countless users to try out this casino’s service, and after that, they simply decided to stick around and enjoy the platform’s features.

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9.  Golden Tiger Casino

When it comes to Golden Tiger, specifically, the platform offers over 950 games, many of which were provided by Evolution — easily one of the biggest and most sought-after live dealer game providers in the industry.

Naturally, the slots are the most numerous on the platform, but far from being the only thing on offer. There are tons of table games, such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps, and others. You can play video poker, bingo, scratch cards, keno, as well as numerous variants of each table game.

Then, there are live games, where the players are welcomed by a real dealer who will serve their remote game. In other words, Golden Tiger Casino has made an excellent selection of what games to offer, and this is one of the reasons why it managed to stick around for over two decades.

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10.  Yukon Gold Casino

Finally, our last recommendation is Yukon Gold Casino. This is another platform that scored a high amount of popularity among UK players, and it has been around for nearly two decades. The casino went live in 2004, and it made quite a name for itself in years that followed by offering fair, safe, and fun service. Of course, its enticing welcome bonus and a rewarding loyalty program also helped.

The platform was licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and eCOGRA, and like the others, it uses Microgaming’s technology to offer hundreds of games, including slots, live games like roulette, and more. There is something for everyone here, and since it has support for mobile devices, you can play it at any time, as long as you have internet connection.

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Live roulette is a mesmerizing fusion of tradition and innovation, affording players the excitement of a genuine casino experience from the sanctuary of their own surroundings. Its unique charm stems from its capacity to celebrate the human touch, a valuable trait in today's technology-driven landscape. As the digital world continues to evolve, live roulette stands as a testament to the significance of human interaction and the timeless appeal of a beloved game.

The odds vary slightly based on the type of roulette game that is played. European roulette has slightly better odds than American roulette. The betting odds in American roulette of hitting a single number with a straight-up bet are 37 to 1, since there are 38 numbers (1 to 36, plus 0 and 00). However, the house only pays out 35 to 1 on winning bets.

The odds in European roulette are slightly better since there is no 00 on the board. (1 to 36, plus 0)

The house edge is with the 0 and 00, as these numbers cannot be won by the player.

Please view the following chart:

Bet TypeBetsOdds & PayoutsWin Probability in %
InsideStraight Up35:135 to 135:12.702.702.60
InsideSplit17:117 to 117:15.405.405.30
InsideStreet11:111 to 111:
InsideCorner8:18 to 18:110.8010.8010.50
InsideBasket    -   -6:1    -    -13.2
InsideLine5:15 to 15:
OutsideRed/Black1:11 to 11:148.6548.6547.37
OutsideEven/Odd1:11 to 11:148.6548.6547.37
OutsideHigh/Low1:11 to 11:146.6546.6547.37
OutsideColumn2:12 to 12:132.4032.4031.60
OutsideDozen2:12 to 12:132.4032.4031.60

There are multiple different strategies that are popular with players who are trying to improve their odds of winning.

We go into details into the different strategies here:

Called bets only apply to European and French roulette.

These are the types of available called bets:

Neighbors of Zero - A bet on all 17 numbers near to the green zero.

Thirds of the Wheel - A bet on 12 numbers which are found adjacent to the neighbors of zero.

Zero Game - A bet on seven numbers near to the green zero.

The Orphans - A bet on any of the numbers which are not covered by the other called bets.

The Neighbors - A bet on 5 adjacent numbers

The Finals - A bet on the last digit (e.g. 5 would be a bet on 5, 15, 25, 35)

An outside bet is when you are not betting on a specific number, but instead choose to bet on odd or even, red or black, 1-18, or 1-36. These bets while they are lower risk, they still offer the house an edge due to the 0 and 00 on the board.

A straight bet is the simplest type of bet to understand in roulette. It is simply choosing a number (for example: 7), if the ball lands on the number then the player wins with the payout calculated as 35:1.

Roulette is all about statistics, the payout for selection the correct number the ball lands on is 35 to 1.

That being stated there is a house edge due to the 0 and 00. The odds of winning are actually 2.6% for American roulette, and slightly better odds of 2.7% with European roulette.

The odds are slightly better for the player with European roulette.

American roulette has both a 0 and a 00.

European roulette only has a 0.

If the ball lands on either the 0 or 00, the house automatically wins. This means it is in the players best interest to play European roulette.

To learn more visit our advanced guide that compares American vs European Roulette.

The real difference between the two games lies at the table, specifically, in the French table. The table boxes that correspond to the pockets in the wheel are all in red. Furthermore, the words and numbers in the French table are in French, while the European version uses English. Of course, this is not too big of an issue, especially since most resources were published with translations for the words and numbers that the French roulette table has to offer.

The French version has its own advantages, however, such as the use of th e La Partage rule. Basically, this is the rule that allows the players to use the even money bet. Essentially, what this means is that players who choose to play with this rule will get half of the amount they bet if the ball falls in the pocket with the zero.

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