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Level Zero: Everything We Know



Level Zero: Everything We Know

Imagine stepping into a world where darkness looms and fear lurks around every corner. A world where the line between survival and death is razor-thin. Well, it is the world of Level Zero, an upcoming game that has captured the imagination of gamers worldwide. With its terrific atmosphere, realistic graphics, and adrenaline-pumping gameplay, Level Zero is set to redefine the horror genre.

Developed by the talented team at DogHowl Games, this asymmetric survival horror PvP will test your wits, teamwork, and nerves of steel as you navigate through a nightmarish landscape. Well, here's everything we know so far about Level Zero – a game that will push your courage to the limit and put your survival skills to the ultimate test.

What is Level Zero?

Level Zero is an upcoming game that has caught the attention of gamers worldwide. It brings a fresh and innovative approach to survival horror. In this game, players will be fully immersed in a dark and terrifying world, where every move they make can mean life or death.

What sets Level Zero apart is its unique PvP experience. Players take on the roles of scientists who must repair electrical systems to escape, all while being relentlessly pursued by monstrous creatures. Light is their most powerful weapon, used strategically to fend off the lurking horrors. On the other hand, the creatures possess telepathic abilities and use cunning tactics to hunt down their prey. Furthermore, success in this chilling battle depends on finding the right balance between light and darkness and using strategy and quick thinking. The game's captivating storyline and intense gameplay mechanics will keep players on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating their chance to step into the treacherous world of Level Zero.


In 2058, a group of scientists from the New Horizons Corporation goes on an important space journey to explore the secrets of the Universe. They aim to reach the mysterious planet Turion, which experts believe holds transformative knowledge for humanity. Excitement fills the researchers as they step onto the alien world. However, their enthusiasm turns to fear when they realize Turion is not the welcoming paradise they imagined. Instead, they find themselves trapped in a frightening maze, pursued by horrifying creatures with unimaginable powers.

Now, the scientists must work together, using their intelligence, creativity, and the power of light to fend off the encroaching darkness and uncover the hidden secrets within Turion's shadowy depths. Survival is their primary objective in Level Zero, and the fate of their mission and the future of humanity hang in the balance.


Based on the detailed information and previews shared so far, the gameplay of Level Zero promises to be a thrilling and strategic experience for players. As a scientist, you will rely on your wits and resourcefulness to outsmart the relentless creatures that haunt the shadows. Your primary weapon against them is light, and you'll have access to an arsenal of light-based gadgets and traps. So you'll need to use them wisely to repel the monsters, create safe zones for your team, and buy precious time to complete objectives.

Survival in Level Zero heavily depends on teamwork and coordination. Additionally, each member of the scientific team has a crucial role to play, and working together seamlessly is the key to success. Repairing broken objectives is of utmost importance, as it brings you one step closer to escape. Effective communication, call-outs, and support for your teammates are essential to navigate the treacherous environment and fending off the relentless pursuit of the creatures.

But the terror doesn't end there. Level Zero also offers the opportunity to play as the monsters themselves. With their telepathic abilities, these menacing beings can traverse through vent shafts, sneak up on scientists, and disable sources of light using powerful electromagnetic pulses. Moreover, the monsters must carefully plan their attacks, utilizing ambush tactics and exploring various strategies to overpower and eliminate the scientists.


Level Zero is being developed by DogHowl Games, an independent game development team from Ukraine. They are passionate about giving players an amazing gaming experience and have chosen to harness the power of Unreal Engine 4. This cutting-edge game engine allows them to create stunningly realistic graphics and bring the haunting atmosphere of Level Zero to life. That said, they really care about what players think, so they're inviting people to apply for a special test phase called the Closed Beta. Fans can sign up for the beta here and have a chance to experience the gameplay firsthand.


Level Zero | Asymmetric Multiplayer Horror | Coming to PS, Xbox, PC in 2023

Level Zero‘s trailer offers a tantalizing glimpse into a hauntingly atmospheric setting, brought to life with stunningly realistic graphics. This trailer takes you on a journey through a world where survival hangs by a thread. With its realistic graphics and pulse-pounding atmosphere, the game immerses you in a terrifying battle between scientists and creatures. So, don't miss out on this gripping trailer—watch it now and get a glimpse of the horror that awaits in this upcoming game.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Level Zero is set to make its debut in the gaming world sometime in 2023, although an exact release date has yet to be announced. Also, the game will be available across multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, allowing a wide range of players to embark on this bone-chilling adventure. Whether you prefer the precision of a mouse and keyboard or the comfort of a console controller, Level Zero will cater to your gaming preferences.

As for the editions of Level Zero, developers have kept the details tightly under wraps. Fans eagerly await news about potential special editions, exclusive content, and collector's editions that might enhance their gaming experience. While details are scarce at the moment, gamers can expect exciting announcements in the future, promising additional features and collectibles that will enhance the overall gameplay experience. Fans can stay ahead of the curve by following the game's official social media accounts here.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming game? Are you excited to dive into the darkness and face the horrors that lie within? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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