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League of Legends: Yone is the new champion announced

League of Legends: Yone is the new champion announced



In the past few days, several leaks were pointing to Yone, Yasuo’s half brother. And really, it was added to League of Legends. With that, these rumors became true, Riot Games officially launched its art, skills and backstory.

Yone is the second character to be introduced to the game that was originally just folklore. Yone’s stories with Yasuo are linked, but after his death, Yone’s story became his. His kit is also quite similar to that of his younger half-brother, but unique just the same. It will be part of the current Spirit Blossom event, although it will not be available until the next patch of League of Legends.

Yone’s Story

To have a complete view of Yone, we need to understand Yasuo’s story. We can see that, Yasuo was the young spitter and very dishonorable, Yone was already conscious and respectful. They were inseparable when young and even studied the blade under Elder Souma.

When the invasion of Ionia began, Yasuo wanted to go out and fight with the Ionian army, despite being against his duties. Since Yone was the older brother, he tried to convince him to stay. Unfortunately, however, Yasuo abandoned his post and, upon returning, was charged with the murder of Elder Souma. It was then that he became an outlaw.

League of Legends: Yone is the new champion announced

Yone and Yasuo were inseparable when young and even studied the blade under Elder Souma. (Image: Riot Games)

So it was up to Yone to bring Yasuo to justice. He hunted him down and faced off in a fatal battle. However, Yasuo, known for his potential talent, defeated his brother, killing Yone. It turns out that this is not the end of Yone’s story of League of Legends.

Yone found himself in the spiritual realm. He was attacked by a demonic spirit that fed on negative emotions, he was called Azakana. He was a weaker demon than Evelynn or Tahm Kench, and Yone dominated him.

As soon as Yone overpowered him, he was teleported back to the mortal realm and Azakana’s mask was fixed on his face. Apparently, he is linked to the demon now, but, unlike Kayn and Rhaast, he is not controlled by him. But he gains power with that, and based on the Kin of the Stained Blade video, he uses that power to kill evil demons. Although he is demonic, he still fights for a just cause. As far as we can tell, this is it.

Yone’s skills

Starting with Passive, Way of the Hunter, is essentially a combination of Yasuo and Sett. He attacks with two blades and the second deals extra magic damage. His critics do less damage, but he has a double chance of critical strike.

His Q is called Mortal Steel, and again it is similar to Yasuo’s Q, Steel Tempest. Push your Katana forward, it does damage and gains a stack of Gathering Storm. In two stacks, your next Q will launch you forward and knock down any enemies in your path.

The W is the Spirit Cleave. It has no secret, it is very simple, as Yone breaks a bow in front of him, deals damage and obtains a shield. The cleaver does maximum health damage, while the strength of the shield depends on the number of enemy champions hit.

Yone’s E known as Soul Unbound is a pure skill. Here, Yone’s soul detaches from his body and he enters his Spiritual Form. In this form, he gains greater movement. After a while, it will return to your body and do a percentage of the damage it did while in the form of your enemies. Think of it as the Illaoi Spirit Test.

Sealed to Destiny is Yone’s final destination. With that, running forward, Yone hits all the enemy champions he flies through. All of these champions are launched into the air. In the end, he will be behind the last enemy champion hit. There is a lot of similarity in their kits, as the two brothers grew up together and trained under the same master. The most interesting part is that Yone looks like a great engagement tool for Yasuo. If the two are on the same team and stack up their ultimatums, it will be deadly.

Takeways from the Reveal

So far, Yone seems to be an incredible champion. With a potential Kit, you can have some cool combos. An example, if Yone can move with his E, and throw his maximum, the result will be devastating. He would do the damage and CC, then blink back to his body and do some of the final damage again while getting a free escape.

If we consider his skills, he will be a solo player. Everything points to him dueling with other champions and he doesn’t have the mobility or the reach to be played on the lower track, like Yasuo sometimes. There is potential in the jungle too, but it will depend on your numbers. Your long-range confrontations will be difficult, but your kit can help you in close encounters.

His Build and OP Potencial

Its construction seems to be very similar to Yasuo’s. Some options include Dance of Death, Guardian Angel and Sterak Meter. Attack speed items can be very valuable, thus increasing the amount he can use his passive damage. Much of your specification will be adaptable, this will be great for us to see the compilations.

With all this information, there is a lot of potential for Yone. At first glance, this does not seem to be the case. But if his damage is too high or the Form of Spirit is problematic, he can be a real threat. It is very difficult to judge without seeing the action that this can take. The main problematic damages could be your extra passive damage and interactions with the spiritual Form. Maximum health damage with the W shield could be another problem. Again, it is difficult to say for sure anytime soon.

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