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League of Legends: 2020 promises to fans and Riot Games

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The year 2020 promises to fans of League of Legends. The multiple announcements made over the past few months have left Riot Games' MOBA enthusiasts excited for what's to come. Not only for the emergence of several new games based on the LoL environment, but also for more and more stories told about the game universe.

At the moment, what gets the most attention and expectation is Wild Rift, an adaptation of League of Legends for mobile devices. During CCXP, in early December, in São Paulo, some fans were able to test the game, which does not have a precise release date yet, but should be released by the end of 2020.

This is not the only focal point regarding mobile by Riot. TeamFight Tactics, the blockbuster game released in June this year and blockbuster, will also be available for phones and tablets. The idea is to build even more loyalty to established audiences and look for new ways to attract more fans.

There are still other games on the radar: Project L, a League of Legends character fighting game, is still in the early stages of development, and little is known about it. Project A, in turn, will not be directly related to the universe of LoL: it will be a tactical FPS, with different mechanics, which promises to give a gas to the genre.

Project A: Riot’s Tactical FPS Announcement | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition - League of Legends

Card games also made their way with Riot Games. Legends of Runeterra has already featured a trial version, well evaluated by several influential figures from LoL's competitive and content creation landscape.

In terms of content creation, in addition to Arcane, an animated series from the universe, Riot has also been investing in comics, increasingly robust narratives about its characters, and a variety of ways to make the user not only play but also get involved with the story of the characters.

Who will also support these narratives will be Riot Forge, a company dedicated to the development of campaign games, single player, in partnership with several studios around the world. The initiative aims to better explore the various regions that make up the LoL universe map and tell stories “that thrill and create memories” – in the words of the director in charge.

Regardless of what the competitive landscape holds for League of Legends fans, with the game's tenth World Cup in China, 2020 is set to be a historic year from the users' point of view – with ever-increasing and immersive consumption.

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