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“Knockout City” Is the Ultimate Version Of Dodgeball.

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What is all of this commotion about throwing balls at people? It has a little something to do with the upcoming game about dodgeball, “Knockout City.” It is the ultimate form of dodgeball in an open world game where you can select your own team. Knockout City has been in development for 4 years, is developed by Velan Studios, and will be published by Electronic Arts. “Knockout City” will be launching May 21, 2021 for Nintendo Switch, PS4 (PlayStation 4), PS5 (PlayStation 5), Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and Microsoft Windows. 



In the dodgeball capital of the world, you can throw, catch, dodge, pass, and even selfishly tackle your way to victory. Choose your team and throw balls at your rivals face in the most athletic fashion imaginable. All it takes is one throw and you may feel a lot better. 

Just passing the ball to your teammates may take practice, but it’ll all be worthwhile to sneak behind opponents and whack them with a ball. It shouldn't kill them. Passing the ball takes proper timing from each character. Passing the ball to your teammate can power up the ball like it evolved, then your teammate can hit the opponent from a convenient angle. 

Knockout City: Official Reveal Trailer

The trick shots allow you to throw the ball over objects or to curve them around corners. Incoming balls will take you out of the game if they hit you in real life, but in this game, you can start the game over. If you dodge balls, your opponents can make rookie mistakes like lose their grip on balls they may be carrying. Jump off of rooves, perform acrobatic flips, and hit your opponents from different angles with the ball. 

If you want to take one for the team, in this game, you can do just that. Make yourself a human ball and fly into your opponent to take them out. You can be an unexpected weapon. You can wipe out an entire team in a dramatic move, if the opponents don’t escape in time. Simply charge up your teammate in your hand, then throw them in the sky (like you have that much strength in real life) and the teammate crashes to the battleground, creating an instant-KO explosion. 

In the customizable options, you’ll be given the choice of hundreds of cosmetics and customization options. You can pick your brawler’s appearance, from looking serious to silly. Not only can you eliminate an entire team, but if you master the game, you’ll look incredibly cool doing it, (like jumping in the air and using a hang-glider). Basically, you can use the hang-glider at any moment, so fall off the roof and use the hang-glider, but whatever you do, don’t get hit. 

Up to 32 friends can crew up where the whole crew represents the holographic crew logo on the back of their jackets. They’ll even arrive to the fights in a hovercar. Back Alley Brawl is a series of tubes that can suck you up and spit you out forcefully across the map to escape or as a new angle to attack opponents. 

There’s a bomb ball in the game, where it’ll start ticking if you pick it up. After a while, it explodes, so there’s many strategies to attack your opponents as well as avoid attacks in inhuman fashion. If you plan to be cruel, you can trap your opponents into a Cage Ball for the opponent to turn on their teammates or toss them to the side of the map. Yes, you can villainously turn on your own team in “Knockout City.” 

With the Moon Ball, you can jump higher, reaching the surface of the moon. If your accuracy is right and you hit your opponent, it will knock them into outer space. There’s a Sniper Ball available as well. With the Sniper Ball, you can aim at an enemy across a map, hitting them at ridiculously fast speeds when thrown. 

There’s a 3-on-3 and 4-on-4 multiplayer mode that will be compatible with PS5 (PlayStation 5) and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, through backward compatibility (with graphical and performance enhancements). In the 3-on-3 mode, you can dodge balls on a skyscraper connected to other building (where a nearby bridge is around). Easily, you can fall off the skyscraper, so be careful with that. In the 4-on-4 mode, both teams just have one extra player. In Diamond Dash, you can knock out your opponent, but you’ll get rewarded with points if the diamonds falls out the opponents body. 

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