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5 JRPGs We Want Localized in 2023



The JRPG genre has a fantastic sense of depth in many of its titles. That said, many of the JRPG titles released have, sadly, only been released in Japan. Opening up these games to a worldwide release would be great. And localizing them would be a fantastic way to introduce them to more players. Unfortunately, many JRPGs have yet to be localized as of writing this article. With that said, here are the 5 JRPGs We Want Localized in 2023

5. Guns Undarkness

Starting off our list of the 5 JRPGs we want localized in 2023, we have Guns Undarkness. This is a title that comes with a lot of hype and weight behind it, partially due to the director of the game. The director of the game is Shoji Meguro, most famous for directing and composing for the Persona and Shin Megami Tensei series. So this name carries with it a lot of ways that are justifiable and has managed to make players pretty excited around the game.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that localizing this game would be a great success in 2023. In the game, players will focus on turn-based strategy as they move throughout the game's cyber-inspired world. Along the way, players will have to use stealth mechanics in order to succeed. The game also appears to feature a ton of customization options for the game's weapons. This will allow players to tweak their firearms to their liking. All in all, Guns Undarkness is undoubtedly one of the JRPGs that we would want localized in 2023.

4. The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki

Next up on our list of JRPGs we want localized in 2023, we have The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki. Now, the Legend of Heroes series is one that has carried a legacy of great games throughout its runtime. This has led the games to acquire a particular reputation and prestige among JRPG fans. And while it may not be as recognized in the West as, say, a Final Fantasy title or something similar, it has a very loyal and consistent fanbase.

First, this is great, as it genuinely leaves an impression on the players. Speaking of impressions on players, the gameplay for the game has received a nice overhaul. The game manages to do a great job of reworking the game series's battle system. This is great and will offer newer players a better chance of getting into eh game when it releases for English-speaking audiences. This is sure to be an anticipated title for players of The Legend of Heroes series. To close, this is one of the JRPGs to watch, as it is one of the most highly anticipated JRPGs we want localized in 2023.

3. Tales of Rebirth

Next up, we have a title that is from the beloved Tales of series of games. Tales of Rebirth, despite being immensely popular, has never been localized for the English-speaking market. This is a shame, as it truly is one of the best JRPGs for from the PlayStation 2 era that was later ported to the PlayStation Portable as well. This essentially means that many fans of the Tales of series have not gotten to experience it. This would be a fantastic choice for one of the JRPGs we want localized, as it would allow a whole new generation of players to experience the game.

The game is primarily an action RPG, one that takes great advantage of the battle system made famous by the series. For Tales of fans, this would be a great game to get their hands on in 2023. And localizing it will only add to the immense popularity of this JRPG. Furthermore, with such a title receiving a lot of love upon its release, it would be perfect for localization. For these reasons and many more, we consider Tales of Rebirth a game that JRPG fans need localized in 2023.

2. Yo-kai Watch 4

For fans of the Yo-kai Watch franchise, it has been relatively quiet in terms of localizations. For fans of the series, it hasn't received a localization since the third installment. As with other games in the series, players will be able to use the Yo-kai Watch. This will allow them to meet and capture Yoakai, as well as befriend them. This is great and manages to make up the majority of the game's runtime.

The setting of the game is rather interesting as it effectively takes place over several spans of time. This allows the game to vary its environments and general feel throughout the different environments. There is also a new movement system in the game, which is much more free than its top-down predecessors. This is great and allows players to get closer to the world than ever. Additionally, the game features many characters from the Yo-kai Watch anime, adding to its appeal. For these reasons, Yo-kai Watch 4 would be perfect for localization and is one of the JRPGs we want localized in 2023.

1. Mother 3

For our final entry, we bring to you a game that has eluded many of its English-speaking fanbases for quite some time. Mother 3 , also known as Earthbound 3 elsewhere in the world, is a classic entry in the Mother/Earthbound series. Players will once again explore the game's world as they allow the game's story to unfold before them. The English translation for this game already has had a ton of support. This can see in the fact that an unofficial translation received a lot of attention and downloads upon its release. However, an official localized release would be ideal.

The game also features turn-based combat, which players of the series will no doubt be fond of. The overall narrative of the game has a dark tone, making it much in line with other games in the series. This is wonderful and makes it so that localization of the game would definitely perform well. Both critically and commercially, this makes the idea of localizing the game a fantastic idea. To close, Mother 3/Earthbound 3 is one of the most beloved JRPGs of all time, alone that we want localized in 2023.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 JRPGs We Want Localized in 2023? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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