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It Looks Like Quantic Dream Is Working On A New Star Wars Game



After it’s three-game contract with Sony, award-winning, French video game developer and publisher, Quantic Dream, could be working on a narrative-focused Star Wars game. According to a YouTuber Gautoz, David Cage (the creator of Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls, and Heavy Rain), has signed a deal with Disney. Depending on your how much time spend exploring (with story branches) Detroit: Become Human may take you up to 10 hours to complete. Also, Heavy Rain takes up to 10 hours to beat, which leads us wondering how much time will it take to beat the new Star Wars.

Now, some of us can still cover whether or not Disney should be involved with Star Wars, but will Mickey Mouse be wielding a lightsaber? His large, white gloves could prevent the firmest grip on the lightsaber and until we see any previous Disney characters in Star Wars, there should not be any complaints. Well, it is an unusual fantasy for gamers to see Aladdin mixed with Star Wars, but that is unnecessary. Of course, there will always be a flaw, because absolutely no video game will be perfect to everyone.

Quantic Dreams is making a STAR WARS game?

There was a sign of Lucasfilm’s Star Wars exclusivity deal with EA coming to an end, earlier this year (partnering with Ubisoft on a new open-world game). Quantic Dream described the Ubisoft partnership as being “a new direction” for Lucasfilm Games. Douglas Reilly (Vice President of Lucasfilm Games) wrote “We’re looking to work with best-in-class teams that can make great games across all of our IP. We’ve got a team of professionals here at Lucasfilm Games who can work with the developers, shape the stories, shape the creative, shape the games, to make them really resonate with fans and deliver across a breadth of platforms, genres, and experiences so that all of our fans can enjoy the IPs that they know and love.”

This Star Wars project has been in the works for 18 months. Based on the previous video games accomplished by Quantic Dream, (where there are must-see, realistic characters, captivating storylines, and added features), this could be one of the best Star Wars games. Still, we have to wait to see the trailer of the video game. 

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