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Is Ubisoft Taking Assassin’s Creed Back to its Roots?

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Ever since the launch of Assassin's Creed: Origins, Ubisoft has been taking the series through an upward spiral, tweaking it with enough role-playing elements and open-world scenarios so the franchise would eventually go on to rival some of the biggest games on the planet. And after Valhalla, I mean, that essentially fortified its place on the podium. But now, however, things might be doing a full circle and returning to tradition.

According to former IGN reporter Colin Moriarty, the next Assassin's Creed game will take the series back to its roots. If this rings true, then that would mean 100% stealth and compressed level designs, and barely a fraction of role-playing. So, basically everything that rolled out before Origins.

On top of this claim, Moriarty has also shed light on its release date. Apparently, the next chapter in the series will release in either January of February of next year. Considering Ubisoft has a history of putting the games out every two to three years, this could actually be likely. After all, with Valhalla launching back in 2020, it does leave a two-year gap between the next launch.

The next game is reportedly taking things to Baghdad, with Valhalla's very own Basim Ibn Ishaq taking the reins as the next assassin to rid the world of all its Templar propaganda.

Okay, where's the salt?

Of course, it's always worth taking these things with a lump of salt. Although Moriarty has been known to source some pretty believable stories in the past, as well as bring evidence for the majority of them, there's still a chance the wires have been crossed.

Whatever the case, with Assassin's Creed being one of Ubisoft's biggest cash cows, it would be more of a surprise if the series was dropped altogether than milked for another decade. Only time will tell, to be fair.

You can check in with Moriarty on the Sacred Symbols network here.


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