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Is Half-Life: Alyx 2020’s Ultimate VR Experience?

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The virtual reality domain has undeniably produced some absolute monsters since its uprising in 2016. And, since then, we've gone on to encounter linear narratives, gripping gameplay and nailbiting sequences that pan across a whole ocean of playable titles. But what has caught the eye of most gamers this year? After all, there's been dozens of releases, and there just isn't enough awards for all the great content out there. And yet, there is one that bags the gold in the running to 2020's VR GoTY.

The cult-classic, Half-Life, which produced two of the most intense games to date, has struck thrice with a VR title that knocks the socks off its predecessors. Half-Life: Alyx, which takes place between the first and third instalment, is a gripping tale that puts you in the shoes of Alyx Vance on a mission to seize an alien superweapon. On a course through some rather treacherous territory, Alyx is faced with a goal that, at times, could only be described as suicidal. But with you taking the reigns; that binding goal might just be reachable.

Half-Life: Alyx Announcement Trailer

Since its launch in March, Half-Life: Alyx has gone on to receive incredibly positive feedback, with some critics branding it as the “best VR game of all time.”  So, if you haven't managed to pick up the hype of Half-Life: Alyx yet, then we suggest you see for yourself what all the fuss is all about.

Half-Life: Alyx is the third major instalment to the series; rooting from the second instalment which released in 2004. After a sixteen-year hiatus, developer Valve Corporation has picked up exactly where they left off. We only hope that a new instalment to the fan-favourite isn't another decade away. Valve, on the other hand, hasn't commented on whether or not a new chapter will be developed in the franchise. There will, if anything, be a third chapter to the episodic storyline to Half-Life 2. But we'll just have to wait and see on that one.

Half-Life: Alyx is available to purchase on Windows via Steam.

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