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Intriguing New Multiplayer Steam Games

Intriguing New Multiplayer Steam Games



New multiplayer Steam Games

New multiplayer Steam games are coming out so fast, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with them. That’s too bad because if you don’t pay attention, you and your friends might miss out on gems like these.

Broomstick League

If Rocket League and Harry Potter had a child, its name would be Broomstick League. Borrowing heavily from Quidditch, you will be using various spells to manipulate the fleeting ball and gain victory in a 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 scenario. Broomstick League can be played for free as it’s in open beta till the beginning of March.

Quantum League

Here we have a self-described time-paradox shooter. Wait, what? In Quantum League, you will play along with your past and future self, in intense 1v1 or 2v2 matches that take place in an arena. Each round, the game will record your movement, which your past version will take in the next round aka loop. Your goal is to capture the middle objective before the 3rd loop is over, or else the game goes into overtime. The players who manage to do this 3 times win the game. However, with clones involved, the whole thing gets complicated rather quickly. Quantum Leagues’ free open beta has just started, so we have yet to see if it will reach its full potential.

Quantum League artwork

A good tactic is key in order to coordinate with your past and future self


Next on our list of new multiplayer Steam games is a promising FPS Blackwake. It throws us in a naval setting, where we will need to rely heavily upon our pirate comrades in order to sink or board enemy ships and gain victory. With up to 54 players in each game, the battles are getting chaotic really fast. There’s nothing quite like an adrenaline rush you get as you see cannonballs descending slowly upon your wrecked ship. New Multiplayer Steam Games: BlackwakeIntense pirate battles are the name of the game (PC Gamer)

Robot Champions

In Robot Champions, you are confined in a small arena where your aim is to completely destroy all 5 of your robotic nemesis. Although the concept of this game isn’t exactly groundbreaking it sounds incredibly fun. Prospect Games also promised they won’t ignore the singleplayer mode, for which they plan numerous features and engaging story mode. Each one of your robotic cuties will be able to receive numerous upgrades that will affect their speed and various stats. Currently, the release date is still unknown, but the game should be out sometime in 2020.

Robot Champions gameplay

Prepare for hours of fun as you sumo-flip your nemesis into the air (Steam)

Thirsty for more? Take a look at our list of interesting new indie games on Steam.

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Fortnite: Champion Series third week results

Fortnite: Champion Series third week results



Another qualifying round for the third week of the Fortnite Champion Series has ended. The seven competitive regions had their results released. After three rounds of intense competition, the pairs begin to shape what will be the next few weeks. With only a week to go from the Fortnite Champion Series, it will be decided on the last battery of points.

With no apparent rule-breaking attacks this week, we saw one of the best teams in Europe claiming their first win at the FNCS. A West NA pair survived their relatively new East NA competition and Oceania continues to produce similar results week by week. You can consult the results of the second week for a complete list of qualified doubles up to that point. Now let’s dive deeply into the action of the third week of FNCS.

European Semi-Finals

The duo Mitr0 and Crr took first place in the third week of the European Fortnite Champion Series. They won 43 points and won their first qualification for the FNCS qualifiers in two weeks. Even without any Victory Royale, Mitr0 and Crr made several eliminations, making a total difference. Each player took home $ 2.5K USD for their efforts in the finals.

Fortnite: Champion Series third week results

Results from Europe in the Fortnite Champion Series. (Image: Epic)

SRN Hardfind and AstroSMZ closely followed the winners with 41 points. The road to success was a little different, with just 18 eliminations. However, they consistently earned placement points and had only a worse finish than 15th place. This week marks his second qualifying for batteries. The pairs of Sy Kyzen and Sy Clement, c4loverKubx and KamiFN and MCES Andilex and LeStream Nayte won their third qualifying for drums, with a top 20 this week.

Eastern Semi-Finals NA

The incredible Cented and NRG Edgey showed off their talent in the third week of the Fortnite Champion Series with their first big win in eastern NA. Cented and Edgey will do well in the standings after getting 59 points and a Victory Royale. This pair finished in the top ten in just one game and took home $ 2.25K each and their third battery qualification.

Fortnite: Champion Series third week results

Results from NA in the Fortnite Champion Series. (Image: Epic)

Captain Knight and Captain Shark achieved another impressive result with a second result in the third week. They got 26 eliminations en route to 52 points in total. They will participate in sleeves and continue to impress each week.

Twitch star Tfue and controller spotlight Scoped followed the performance of first place in the semifinals, with third place in the final three of the week. After not qualifying for the finals in weeks one and two, Tfue and Scoped took off and decided to secure a spot in the heats. They did just that with 47 points and a Victory Royale. 100T Ceice and Bizzle join Edgey and Cented as the only two pairs to be in the top 20 in three weeks.

Western Semi-Finals NA

Powur and Favs added 50 points from six games and won the Fortnite Champion Series final three of the week. These two achieved more eliminations than any other duo and did not even need a Victory Royale to take first place. Favs and Powur were in the top ten in five of their six games, proving how much consistency counts in Fortnite. These two won a total of $ 3,000 for their efforts in the finals.

Fortnite: Champion Series third week results

Results from NA West in the Fortnite Champion Series. (Image: Epic)

Stohkd and VANISH IREWQ were six points below the first, but ended up winning their first qualification, with a second place. In six matches, Stohkd and IREWQ achieved a Victory Royale and 22 eliminations in total. Several doubles, including Thomuss and wavyjacob, as well as CLG Symetrical and Leno, reached third place in this week’s top 20.

Oceania Semi-Finals

Jahlyn and Parpy won the tiebreaker and took first place in the third week of the Oceania Fortnite Champion Series. Despite combining points with the outstanding Gooboz and dignified, jahlyn and Parpy agreed with the eliminations, which yielded the victory. After qualifying last week, jahlyn and parpy celebrated their first win with 32 eliminations and 53 points. Gooboz and digno took second place for the second time in three weeks, each earning $ 400 USD and their second battery qualification. This week’s top ten players will also join Gooboz and will also be worthy of qualifiers.

Fortnite: Champion Series third week results

Results from Oceania in the Fortnite Champion Series. (Image: Epic)

Brazil Semi-Finals

R4J4DA and B4 TarzaN combined the OCE winners with 53 points to achieve victory in the region of Brazil. Despite falling slightly behind their competitors in the elimination column, R4J4DA and Tarzan had an average placement of 9.5 in six matches. Their consistent ability to earn placement points has elevated them above competitors. The two players raised $ 1,500 and will join the Brazil FNCS Qualifiers in two weeks.

Fortnite: Champion Series third week results

Results from Brazil in the Fortnite Champion Series. (Image: Epic)

Asia Semi-Finals

After finishing in fifth place last week, Maufin and Bob added an impressive 65 points to win their second qualification in the Asian FNCS Heats qualifiers. Their display included only 28 eliminations, but the two finished no less than 12th in their six matches. With an average placement of 6th, Maufin and Bob did not need a significant amount of eliminations to win. Peterpan and FaxFox, three heats, came in second, while conducting a clinic with 43 eliminations. This week’s top ten players will advance to the next round.

Fortnite: Champion Series third week results

Results from Asia in the Fortnite Champion Series. (Image: Epic)

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Fortnite: why are the pros making it competitive? Ninja and SypherPK explain.

Fortnite: why are the pros making it competitive? Ninja and SypherPK explain.



The days go by and when you open social networks you are faced with a professional giving up the scenario. Players Ninja and SypherPK discussed what is happening to people getting away with Fortnite. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Ali “SypherPK” Hassan are more focused on content production than the competitive landscape. So, it was very interesting to hear what they had to say about the growing number of professionals who gave up competing.

In the last few days, the bombshell has come from Harrison “Psalm” Chang’s withdrawal from the competition. Since winning 2nd place in the solo World Cup finals, he has been in decline. The player revealed that he has plans to dedicate himself to the new Riot Games game, Valorant.

Fortnite: why are the pros making it competitive? Ninja and SypherPK explain.

Harrison “Psalm” Chang is yet another professional player leaving Fortnite. (Image: EPIC)

Psalm at 24 is one of the biggest boomers in the game. Known as META Master, a strategic knowledge and a lot of notion of game has made him evolve since he was 13 years old. All of this made him take 2nd place in the solo finals of the World Cup and breaking $ 1,800,000. Practically 1 year after that big moment, Salmo is entering another life-changing event. Then announcing his departure from Fortnite to pursue new competitive experiences.

Salmo revealed that his dream is to be one of the most decorated contestants in the history of electronic games. He can be considered one of the most successful players in the history of Esports, with a plethora of titles.

In the last decade, Psalm achieved the following:

  • Top 20 Heroes of Newerth ladder;
  • Diamond Starcraft II S1 (highest at the time);
  • DotA 2 semi-pro (this one I regret quitting);
  • CS:GO Global Elite;
  • Top 70 Overwatch S1 ladder;
  • Best HotS pro in NA;
  • 2nd at FN World Cup;
  • Hit D3 in LoL in 2 months (brand new).

Ninja and SypherPK commented on Salmo’s withdrawal, his possible move to Valorant, Sypher said “He is obviously very talented, but he was always the guy who used his brain, not necessarily the most sophisticated mechanics, but at the end of the day, Valorant will demand an insane amount. Aiming ability. ”

Sypher did not mean that Salmo would not have the necessary mechanical skill, but he explains that adaptation in Valorant will not be easy. This change will be very impactful for the player. He still hints that in the case of Psalm, due to his experience in competing in several games, he could easily be a very successful player in Counter Strike Global Offensive for example. This bodes well for your future in Valorant, as the game has a mix of CS:GO and Overwatch.

Following the conversation, Ninja reveals: “If you’re doing well at Fortnite right now and you’re enjoying it, there’s no reason to change.” He adds, “Even if you’re doing well, you can get tired of Fortnite’s competitiveness”.

As for the reasoning of Fortnite professionals who leave the competitive landscape, they mention some issues that influence their choice. Since the failures that kill them for no reason, players who go without playing can affect the player. They also mentioned the other problems associated with these open online events, such as the team building and flow sniping scandals that have been making headlines recently.

What is expected?

The pair agreed that Valorant will be policed ​​much better than Fornite, speaking of the competitive scene. For them, it is much easier in a 5×5 game than a Battle Royale game. For professional Fortnite players, small changes are ignored by the developers. It is these changes that make a huge difference in the game, and that in most cases, cause players to lose interest in competing.

Fortnite: why are the pros making it competitive? Ninja and SypherPK explain.

The pair agreed that Valorant will be policed much better than Fornite. (Image: RIOT)

This article ends with a criticism of EPIC. If Fortnite cannot work with the main concepts of competitive integrity or, at least, fix it in the summer, VALORANT could be the real “Fortnite killer”.

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Five New Games on Steam: Early April

Five New Games on Steam: Early April



Five New Games on Steam: Early April

With hundreds of new games coming on Steam weekly, it’s very hard to keep track of them all. That’s why we have gone through them and hand-picked only the best for you to play. Enjoy.


For starters, how about a flashy roguelike shooter? HyperParasite puts you in the role of a body-snatching alien that isn’t all too pleased with us humans. Throughout randomly generated levels, you will be able to control up to 60 characters, one of them being the president! Can you climb to the top of the hierarchy and annihilate the human race?

HyperParasite gameplay

HyperParasite mixes intense action with 80’s aesthetics (YouTube)

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

TABS is an offbeat physics simulator that will take you through humankind’s history in a series of wacky battles that look totally real. In it, you will essentially be playing both sides, placing your soldiers in strategic locations before letting go of control and watching the madness slowly unfold. But, why stop on humans? In TABS, you will also find other beings, like mammoths, snakes, and various gods. As you can see here, it gets pretty crazy. Add to this cartoonish graphics and ton of humor, and you get a great offbeat simulator.

New Games on Steam: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Hyperrealism is the name of the game (Epic Games)

Snake Core

Snake Core starts with a simple, yet effective, premise: “What if we put Snake in space?” Instead of a straightforward arcade, you might expect, turns out you get a surprisingly engaging spin-off set to inter-galactic proportions. The gameplay ain’t so simple either. Instead of a real snake, you are commanding a team of soldiers spread in 9 units. Grab various power-ups in order to improve their skills, and wipe out every alien around.

Snake Core gameplay

A Snake spin-off done right(DroidGamers)

Gordian Quest

If you are a fan of Slay the Spire, Gordian Quest is a game for you. This is also a roguelike that focuses on deckbuilding. So far, there are 6 playable classes and one act, with 3 more to come during the early access. Gordian Quest also features a cool medieval aesthetics, which is easily appreciated. Time will tell, but this might become THE roguelike to play in 2020.

New Games on Steam: Gordian Quest

A potential successor of Slay the Spire(GamerInfo)

Rolling Sky 2

If you’ve always wanted to play the drums, but never got the chance, you might give Rolling Sky 2 a chance. This is a rhythm game that will challenge your finger coordination on various anime-inspired stages. The game features a relaxing original soundtrack, making this an ideal casual chill game.

Rolling Sky 2 gameplay(Nintendo)

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Quick, better check our Quarantine Edition of New Games on Steam.

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