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Interview: Johnson “Johnsun” Nguyen – Professional League of Legends Player

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For Esports fans, it is very exciting and rewarding to see new talents emerge. And this season, those who follow the NA LCS will be excited about Johnson “Johnsun” Nguyen. He comes from an impeccable solo line and very hungry for victory. The bot-laner has the potential to dominate the competitive landscape in the coming years. However, what are your thoughts on all of this? Well, below is the interview we had with him.

Johnson “Johnsun” Nguyen plays League of Legends for Dignitas. (Image: Dignitas)

How was the experience of spending Spring Split 2020 with Dignitas on the return to LCS?

I found it amazing! It was very good, I believe I came out much better than they expected me, coming from the solo line. Teammates helped me a lot, I learned and also grew as an individual. I focused on playing better right from the start, so the transition was very good.

As a rookie, how do you evaluate your individual performances during your first split?

To be honest, there were some games that I could have played better. In general, I would give myself a 6 or 7, for 10.

Is there a particular game that you're focused on, or the season as a whole?

I prefer to focus on performance throughout the season. Individual games for me means that you need to do your best to be consistent.

What is your opinion about the competition at NA LCS?

To be honest, I don't want to say the word kryptonite, but it's like every team is your worst problem besides Cloud9. TSM has problems, Team Liquid obviously has problems and we also have our own problems. There are definitely some teams that are getting really good. But they still haven't given the results because of their own general problems.

You played with 8 different champions this season, what are your thoughts on the current state of Bottom Lane?

For you to be successful in LCS, you must know how to play with 2 or 3 champions. In the beginning, obviously, it was Aphelios, Senna and Miss Fortune. After a while, Varus started to appear as well. You just need to focus on people who were bullies in the laning phase and who were still climbing later.

What are your plans for the offseason?

I'm just trying to relax and spend some time with friends of mine. Because, during the season, I can't do anything but play and play.

If one day you had to play in another type of Esports, competitively, which would it be?

I think CS: GO. I don't follow the Counter Strike scene, but maybe that would be the modality that would let me take it.

Three quick questions about other games. Did you play several hours playing this game? Would you like to spend more time in this game? A childhood game that was marked?

I played Fortnite with my friends when I needed to give League of Legends a break. To be honest, I don't like other games when I'm off. Legend of Zelda.

To end the interview, would you like to send a message to someone?

Yes, for my friends, Aphromoo and some other professional players who have always supported me. Blaber and Santorin are examples of this, always giving me confidence.

You can follow Johnsun on Twitter at @Johnsun_lol, for all his latest updates and thoughts, and follow his offseason until Dignitas returns to the stage for Summer Split.

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