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[email protected] Showcase Announcements, Reveals, and Trailers



The second-ever [email protected] showcase just wrapped up and the event was full of announcements, trailers, and new games coming to Xbox game pass. It definitely had no shortage of new Indie games coming to Xbox game pass, one’s you may not want to miss!

If you didn’t get the chance to catch the live event, no worries because we are here to fill you in on all the new juicy Xbox news you may have missed.


New Games

TUNIC Launch Trailer

Below are the currently released games from the [email protected] showcase.

TunicDeveloped by Andrew Shouldice and Finjii, Tunic is an indie adventure game that is now free to play and is also a day one launch for Xbox Game Pass.

Paradise Killer – Released with the showcase, Paradise Killer is a detective adventure game with a huge list of ways to approach investigations.

Shredders – A new fun and exaggerated snowboarding game that will let you pull off insane tricks. The game is not released just yet, but comes out tomorrow March 17th!


New Trailers

Escape Academy Announce Trailer

There where a list of new game trailers revealed at the ID[email protected] showcase. Here you can find all the new games to keep an eye on this year.

Here are two of the favorites we highlighted from the showcase.

Escape AcademyEscape rooms have been a popular concept as of lately, but learning how to escape from escape rooms, in an escape school, well that’s just inception. Coming in June 2022, work to learn and solve escape rooms at Escape Academy.

WrestleQuestA new 2D wrestling game that puts a major focus on RPG. You start out as a young wrestler who is looking to get a hang of the ropes and make a name for yourself. The game is set to come out summer of 2022 and features some iconic WWE stars like “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

Other new title trailers include:

Well there you have it, all the new titles released and showcased at the [email protected] event. This list only focused on new title releases at the event, however, the event did name some old titles that are finally coming over to Xbox. You can find those games here.


What game are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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