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“I Am Jesus Christ” Is Coming In 2021



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It’s time for a serious game that’ll show us the greatest person who ever lived (Jesus Christ), on how He was portrayed in the Bible. I’m talking about the already controversial action/adventure video game, “I Am Jesus Christ,” which made some people think about how they don’t want to be a gentleman in a video game. In this game simulator, the Bible is the script, so if the game simulator falls off the script, that’s your call on what you want to do with it. Cast out demons and relive how wonderful Jesus is. Developed by SimulaM, we’re still uncertain on the release date of “I Am Jesus Christ,” but the release date online is listed as “2021.” It’ll be available for Microsoft Windows. 

Not only will this game answer many questions about life regarding the 10 Commandments, the 7 Deadly Sins, and other immoral acts, it’ll answer the eschatological questions. If you miss out on communion, have no fear. A video game is here where you can see Jesus from birth to resurrection. You can have fun while learning about the Holy Ghost simultaneously. The Bible stands for (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) and was created by the inspiration of God, written by men who saw Jesus, translated to various languages throughout time, and voila. We now have a video game about Jesus. 


I Am Jesus Christ - Official Christmas Trailer


In this video game, you have the ability to perform miracles. You can interact with Biblical figures and travel around the Holy Land from Jerusalem to Galilee. This will give you an in depth, visual journey on what things could’ve appeared like in Biblical times. If you download “I Am Jesus Christ” on Steamthat’s your choice.

Game Informer reached out to the CEO of SimulaM, (Maksym Vysochanskiy) who answered questions. When Maksym was asked if he considers himself a Christian, he responded back, “Yes, I am a Christian. As regarding the story of Christ, I was very amazed by Him during my reading of the Bible.” Maksym was asked to describe the gameplay and his response was, “Well, we want to keep the gameplay a secret for now, but players can perform famous miracles like Jesus from the Bible, such as casting out demons, healing and feeding people, and struggling against Satan.” This video game is educational. 

There are those who commit blasphemy by commenting on how you’re supposed to beat the “Cross level,” and other forms of dark humor. You beat the cross level exactly as described in the Bible, but if the video game goes further in depth on life as we know it today, is unknown. Maybe that’s the secret Maksym wanted us to find out, but he did ensure the game is about the New Testament. We’re not sure if the secret the developers were holding about the gameplay involves God helping other people throughout their life in various ways and answering the repeated questions people have.

What’s intriguing is if “I Am Jesus Christ” is about the New Testament, is if the mark of the beast and the rapture will be portrayed. It’ll be a treat if followers of Christ got an Old Testament version of the game as well, which could answer many conflicting questions people have about the Bible. As much buzz as “I Am Jesus Christ” is getting, I for one would love to check it out. 

This could in fact be like a Christian apologetic version of a video game, but it’s unknown if it’ll only show the role of the Jesus, (also known as Yeshua, the Prince of Peace) the main character. What shouldn’t be a shocker is Him rising from the dead on the third day. Maybe there’ll be a glossary of Christian words we should all be aware of. I doubt there’s going to be any cheat codes for some particular reason. 

If this game answers more questions than what the archeologists can dig up and what religious scholars claim, then that’s remarkably done. The dedication it takes to create such a game and try to accurately tell the Bible deserves a warm round of applause. Yes, Maksym said he was a Christian, but he didn’t say what type of Christian. He does claim to want to accurately tell the story of Jesus from the Bible. That mean it’s about the Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost). 

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