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Humble Bundle Are Giving Out Batman Games For $1



Thanks to Humble Bundle, PC users can currently get their hands on a bunch of Batman games for as little as $0.50 apiece in aid of charity, with some bundles stretching to eight or more titles for around $10.

As part of the Humble Bundle promotion, Batman games are currently being listed in exchange for a small donation. For a minimum contribution of $0.50, players can redeem one of several titles, including Arkham and LEGO entriesThe only downside to the deal, of course, is that there's a limited time behind it. December 15th, to be more precise.

On top of that, only PC users will be able to claim the offer via Steam. That means console players will be getting the rough end of the stick, unfortunately. However, considering the cyber week deals are still running for the time being, you might be able to get your hands on a few Arkham chapters for dirt cheap. But again, you'll only have a limited time to snag the deals before they go dark.

You can pick up LEGO Batman for as little as $0.50 right now on Humble Bundle.

Going strong, Bats

At the time of writing, Humble Bundle has raised over $16,000 through the Batman bundle scheme, with another ten days still on the clock before it comes to a close. And while a minimum contribution of $0.50 is being given by most — a lot of donors have generously forked out upwards of $10 for some of the bigger bundles on offer.

For the full details behind the deals, you can visit the Humble Bundle handle here. And remember — it's all for a great cause; the Batman games are but a few dozen cherries on the bakewell. Take from that what you will.

Will you be picking up a few Batman games next week? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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