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How the Teams Were Approaching the Final of LoL World Championship

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On 31 October, all fans of the esports game League of Legends will be keeping a watchful eye on the final of League of Legends World Championship 2020 that will be held in the Chinese metropolis Shanghai. For the first time in three years east representatives will be fighting for the victory: the Koreans from DAMWON Gaming and the hosts of the tournament – the Chinese team Suning.

League of Legends fans find this meeting a very interesting spectacle and its winner will be considered the best team in the world.


Two teams that took first places in their groups made it to the final tournament. Suning got defeated by the opponents twice and the Koreans from DAMWON Gaming lost only once. At the group stage, the teams immediately got treated as favourites. The experts thought that the teams at least were supposed to fight in the semifinals.


The team holds the first place in the rating of the SEA countries and Oceania. In 2020, the guys earned 145 thousand dollars of grabs. And they do not have big victories in their pocket. The roster made it to the playoff but failed all decisive matches.

The peak of the Korean shape was in 2019. The beginning of 2020 was vigorous for DAMWON Gaming but the world pandemic outbreak tampered with the tendency. Many tournaments got canceled and the gamers lost their shape.

Nevertheless, from July till October they had a series of sixteen wins in a row. This successful period helped their winrate bloom – then it was 68%.

Path to the Final

After the success at the group stage of the quarterfinal, DAMWON Gaming got really lucky with drafting. They were to play DRX. The opponents knew each other perfectly well as they met in the playoffs of the summer tournament.

In July, DAMWON Gaming were much stronger as they easily dealt with the opponents with the score 3:0. As usual, the crucial input to the match was made by Heo “ShowMaker” Su. The mid laner turned on his partners and they had an inspired match.

At the next stage the Koreans met with the European gamers from G2. The stream gathered a huge audience, mainly European spectators. The organizers said there were over 2,3 million users that were watching the battle. We should give proper respect to the teams – they did not disappoint the audience. The match had everything to make up a beautiful match: no dragon could win “red” for the first three maps, the Koreans took Fiora, the fourth map was totally controlled by DAMWON Gaming’s superiority.

The Koreans made it to the final in this vivacious state. The current shape makes them a favourite in their battle with Suning.


Appearance of the Chinese team in the grand final may be hardly considered sensational. The guys showed a worthy game on the way to the final. Suning is a team with big experience and bright wins. The fact that the gamers are located on third place in the rating may not confuse us.

It is enough to see how they turned the unfortunate semifinal with Тор Esports into their success. Тор Esports immediately grabbed the initiative and started to push ” DAMWON in all lines. It led to the win of almost the whole map by the twelfth minute. They were 1,8-1,9 thousand of gold ahead. But one unsuccessful fight let Тор Esports down. 0:1 and they lost track of the game.

But Тор Esports saw the soft spot, reduced the tempo and started to beat their countrymen. The final score 3:1 reflects the development of the battle and Suning’s total domination.

The upcoming final is going to be fascinating. The Koreans from DAMWON Gaming have more chances to become winners here.

Maksym Yushytsyn is the Editor-in-chief at egamersworld the ultimate portal of the e-sports universe.