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How Long Will Grand Theft Auto V Survive Post-2021?



With Rockstar looking to publish the third edition of Grand Theft Auto V later this year, we do have to question how long the platform will really stay afloat after eight years of treading water. After all, players have been chewing at the developer’s ankles ever since the 2013 launch over a potential sequel to the double ex-gen release. Sadly, Rockstar have kept news of a sixth instalment under tight wraps, and have only continued to dish up new content for their online mode ever since.

There’s no denying the fact that Grand Theft Auto Online makes a lot of money. With new heists, vehicles, weapons and bolt-ons being added on a regular basis, it’s fairly clear that the player base is still present. In fact, Grand Theft Auto Online has made over a billion dollars since its launch. Even 2020 alone managed to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue — and that’s after almost a decade of rehashing old material.

The Story has become tiresome and worn after eight years of rehashing the same material.

Can online content keep the platform from plummeting?

Rockstar Games are more than capable of keeping players from going hungry, and evidently, the renowned developer has enough juicy content to back a banquet. However, we do have to question the lifespan of the 2013 title and look more towards a newer game with fresher concepts. There’s no hiding the fact that the story mode for Grand Theft Auto V has become tiresome and worn, and players just aren’t immersing as much as they used to. Also, if it wasn’t for the online servers — would the player base still be there?

News has been spreading over Grand Theft Auto 6 for years now, but no rumour has ever come to fruition. Talks of setting the game in Vice City has been surfacing — but has yet to be confirmed. Character designs have been trading around the web, but no protagonist has been locked in. Everything is sacred, and Rockstar most definitely isn’t keen to promote their next work just yet. But rest assured — it is coming. Just don’t expect a 2021 release, friends.

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online - Announcement Trailer | PS5

Fans aren’t overly keen on Grand Theft Auto V: 2021…

Although Grand Theft Auto fans are locking on to the hopes of seeing the sixth chapter soon, Rockstar are evidently happy idling over their mouthwatering cash cow. Frustratingly, this doesn’t seem to be the smartest move in terms of keeping loyal followers onboard. Even taking a look at the reactions and dislikes for the PlayStation 5 edition trailer speaks worrying volumes alone. With many people slating the developer for keeping the game treading water after eight years, it seems that Rockstar are facing an increasing number of impatient gamers.

Perhaps Grand Theft Auto V has run its course, and that 2021 should be the year we put it aside in preparation of a new title. Of course, Rockstar aren’t looking to release it’s hand just yet — but the people have spoken, and the people are most definitely ready to see what’s on the cards. I suppose, although rather tedious, all anyone can really do is wait.

Can Grand Theft Auto V survive beyond 2021? Well, at this rate — we’ll likely see it drop on PlayStation 6 in 2027.

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