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Hitman 3 Is Going To Feature VR Support On The PSVR

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IO Interactive have announced that their World of Assassination Trilogy will end with the upcoming Hitman 3. During the Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) State of Play, they have stated that Hitman 3 will be completely playable on PSVR.

The new installment will follow the steps of its predecessors with six sandbox locations, all of which will be available at launch. Dubai is set to be the first mission that players can take part in. Not only will the new location of Hitman 3 be available for VR at launch, but players will also be able to import locations for the previous two titles. This means that 20+ locations across all three games will be able to be explored and experience in a whole new VR mode.

HITMAN 3 - VR: Become the Hitman (Developer Insights)

In a blog post announcement, IO Interactive has said about the new VR experience, “Playing in VR will literally change the way you play with a first-person perspective that lets you immerse yourself into the game world. Stand face-to-face with your targets, blend-in to a busy crowd to overhear conversations, and interact with the game world using your hands. For example, imagine that you’ve picked up a frying pan and you sneak up on a guard. You can swing the frying pan in whatever angle you want to knock them out – and then use it to deflect bullets that are fired as you make your escape.

The developers have stated the final chapter will be “a lot more mature, serious and darker,” with the tagline, “Death awaits.” Though the humor of the previous games will still be present. There are a few notable changes from the previous two titles to expect with Hitman 3. As opposed to the first games episodic release with a new level released every few months, all missions will be available at launch. The game will also feature fully animated cutscenes similar to those of Hitman 1 instead of the still image storytelling for Hitman 2.

While some details are still scarce, we know that in this chapter, Agent 47 will be returning as the ruthless professional as he embarks on a journey to complete the most important contracts of his career. Certain game modes will be returning such as the Elusive target mode and Escalation mode, as well as the Sniper Assassin mode which requires players to take out targets from a long distance. This mode will be a single-player only mode unlike in Hitman 2, which was a co-op multiplayer. Contracts mode, where you pick a target, take them out, and challenge friends to the best score, is also returning. IO Interactive has announced that they will be removing the 1v1 Ghost mode and the mode's server for Hitman 2 will be shut down on August 31, 2020.

HITMAN 3 - Announcement Trailer

Hitman 3 will be released on January 2021 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC

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