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Here Is What We Know About Payday 3 So Far



Payday 3 is developed by Overkill Software with the publishers Starbreeze Studios and Prime Matter. The original Payday (2011) was set in a fictional representation of Miami (labeled Newport City), Payday 2 (2013) was set in Washington, D.C., and Payday 3 will be set in New York City, but will not be like the past two games, where the gang was operating on an underground basis. 

Payday 3 bring set in New York was revealed at the 10th anniversary livestream event of the Payday franchise, Erik Wonnevi (the Payday 3 Game Director) described the in-game city as a “living, enormous representation of the city.” To further celebrate Payday’s 10th anniversary, Starbreeze produced a four-part docu-series. Each installment can be watched through the links below. 

10 Years of PAYDAY: Episode 1:

10 Years of PAYDAY: Episode 1

10 Years of PAYDAY: Episode 2:

10 Years of PAYDAY: Episode 2

10 Years of PAYDAY: Episode 3:

10 Years of PAYDAY: Episode 3

10 Years of PAYDAY: Episode 4:

10 Years of PAYDAY: Episode 4

More About Payday 3: 

To fund the co-op shooter, Starbreeze signed a $50 million deal with Koch Media’s Prime Matter. Characters like Dallas, Chains, Hoxton, and Wolf are leaving retirement for another criminal job, several years after the events of Payday 2. First, the original gang have to get back in shape before returning to their old habits. The heist-based game will include elements of cryptocurrency, criminal networks (also known as the dark web), and the increase of mass surveillance across the world. 

A possible mission location of a New York Bank called Gold & Sharke Incorporated, is revealed in concept art. In the art, a fire burns the steps of the building and concerned officers surround the bank. It would be marvelous if Gold & Sharke Incorporated was a real bank. 

In Payday and Payday 2, the developers used the Grin Engine and now, in the long-awaited Payday 3, the developers are using the Unreal Engine. Payday 3 is scheduled to be released in 2023, simultaneously for PC and consoles. While the wait for the upcoming heist-based game continues, you can feel free to share what features you would prefer added to this game via Twitter

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