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HasanAbi Claims He’d Destroy xQc in a Boxing Match



hasanabi xqc drama

For the past week, Twitch streamers xQc and HasanAbi have been engaged in a war of words. Ever since xQc broadcasted the controversial tier list, the two creators have been taking digs at each other.

It all began when Felix “xQc” Lengyel decided to rank 50 streamers. xQc then went on to place streamers in tiers based on what he thought of their streaming. While at it, xQc placed Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker in tier B. Lengyel said that he likes Piker a lot, but he has put him in tier B due to a lack of versatility.

As one can imagine, Piker did not take this well and responded to xQc quickly. The streamer took to Twitter and called xQc out for streaming gambling content. Later on, HasanAbi continued his rant and said that Lengyel “wasn’t a good person”. To this, Lengyel responded that Piker’s claims were “lame as f**k”.

HasanAbi Creates His Own Tier List

And now, HasanAbi has made his own tier list. In the June 19 stream, Piker ranked streamers very much like xQc did. However, Piker’s list was based on how well he’d be able to fight the streams in a boxing match.

hasanabi tier list

Piker went on to place xQc in the “utterly destroy them” tier. Hasan’s guests had a good laugh at Lengyel’s clips that his viewers sent him. The clips depicted Lengyel wrestling Sodapoppin and at the gym. The three of them agreed if weight class wasn’t applicable, Piker would definitely beat xQc in a boxing match. You watch a clip here on Twitch.

After placing xQc in the worst tier possible, HasanAbi said, “I take tier lists very seriously. Obviously, that’s definitely why I’m very upset. Everyone was very correct on that assessment,” in a scathingly sarcastic tone.

You can watch HasanAbi’s entire stream here on Twitch.


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