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Halloween 2022: 5 Best PlayStation Game Deals Right Now

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PlayStation Halloween Deals

Halloween is in full swing, and PlayStation appears to be getting into the spooky spirit with its Halloween sale. Of course, it's offering a slew of select horror games at steep discounts, but with so many options, it can be difficult to decide which one to play first. That's why we sifted through the weeds for you horror fans to find the scariest and best-discounted prices in the PlayStation Halloween sale. That is, if you have the wits to see them through.

And you can't use your console as an excuse because every game and offer is available on both PS4 and PS5. So, you really can't hide away from the PlayStation Halloween sales. Well, not until November 3, because that's when the sale ends and these games will jump back up to their regular pricing. That's why, if you're in the mood for something spooky, you should act quickly and take advantage of the best PlayStation Halloween deals on this list.

5. Evil Dead: The Game – $37.44

Evil Dead: The Game - Gameplay Reveal Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2021

If you like the campy slasher films in the Evil Dead series, you should consider immersing yourself in Evil Dead The Game. The videogame version recreates the on-screen horror for some amazing and equally horrific PvP action. Where you work as a cast of heroes from the movies like Ash, Scotty, and Lord Arthur to send the evil back to where it came from. Or on the flip side, you can take on the role of the Kandarian Demon and hunt down these heroes' souls.

In either case, both roles make for a thrilling experience. But the immersion doesn't stop there. The game includes exact locations from the films, so if you've seen them, you'll undoubtedly experience some horror nostalgia. And, as much as that might make you want to avoid them, they may hold the key to escaping this nightmare. If you want to relive one of the most iconic horror series of all time, Evil Dead The Game is an excellent choice for the PlayStation Halloween sale, for $37.44.

4. Dead by Daylight – Ultimate Edition – $56.09

Dead by Daylight | Launch Trailer

Dead by Daylight, like Evil Dead The Game, casts you as one of four survivors or as the savage killer roaming the map. The main difference between the two games, however, is that if you're the survivor in this game, you might not always be working together. Of course, you can team up, but that doesn't stop some players from selling you out to save themselves. So expect to be constantly fighting and fleeing for your life. That is why Dead by Daylight is one of the best horror experiences to try this Halloween.

Of course, you can reverse the roles and step into the shoes of the killer. There are several characters to play as, each scarier than the last, and each with its own unique horror abilities. As a result, scaring players half to death has never been more amusing. So make sure you don't miss out on Dead by Daylight during the PlayStation Halloween sale. Because the ultimate edition, which gives you all the extra goodies, is coming in at $56.09, 40% off its regular price.

3. The Quarry – Deluxe Edition – $59.99

The Quarry | Official Announce Trailer | 2K

If you're looking for some consequential horror, then turn to The Quarry. The plot of the game revolves around the last night of summer camp when the Hackett's Quarry teenage counselors throw a party to celebrate. Which, with summer camp, woods, and a party, begs for a campy horror adventure. There is, however, a major twist in which you play a significant role. The outcome of the night is entirely determined by the camp counselor you play as, and the decisions you make shape who lives or dies in the night.

So, expect emotions to draw high as you have to choose to save your friends or desperately run for your life. If you want a horror game that is full of jumpscares, and surprises, and will keep you on your toes throughout, The Quarry is the game for you. And you can get the deluxe edition on PlayStation Store during the Halloween sale for just $59.99. Still a little steep, but for a game this immersive it's all the more worth it.

2. The Dark Pictures Anthology – Triple Pack  – $39.99

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes - Story Trailer & Release Date Announcement

The Dark Pictures Anthology has always been a staple Halloween game. It focuses on cinematic horrors that put an emphasis on player choice to determine the outcome of the story. Needless to say, all three entries in the series have been a hit. And you can get all of the games for just $39.99, half the original price for the bundle, during the PlayStation Halloween sale.

Right now is the perfect time to step into the game, because the fourth and final chapter of the first season, The Devil in Me, is slated for a November release. So you can experience all the entries, right in time before the newest title drops. So best familiarize yourself with the series' first three games, before diving into the grand finale of season one.

1. Dying Light 2 Stay Human  – $47.99

Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Official Gameplay Trailer | PS4

It's safe to say that all of our PlayStation Halloween sale picks are quite terrifying. That's why we'd like to dial the terror back a notch with Dying Light 2 Stay Human – the epic follow-up to the zombie thriller parkour series. With the dystopic city over-run by zombies and on the brink of collapse, it's up to you to bind the factions and turn a new hope for humanity.

The game is one of the year's most notable releases, packed with action, zombies, and, of course, some consequential decisions that will affect your outcome. If you've been wanting to play this game, now is the time because it's only $47.99 as part of the PlayStation Halloween sale, which is nearly 50% off the title. We don't know when a sale this good for a AAA game of this caliber will come again, so take advantage of the deal while you can.


So, what’s your take? Will you be picking up any of the above five games this Halloween weekend? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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