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Halloween 2021: 5 Video Games To Play At Midnight



Tis’ the season to be creepy and all that jazz. Halloween is finally here, and the pumpkins are out in full force on every doorway and store shelf, all ready to spark the festivities into ignition come sundown. So what does that mean for us gamers who are itching for some quality time with the pad? Why, it means that Steam will be spoonfeeding us horror titles for the night, as well as slashed prices on oceans of great games, of course.

We’ve definitely covered quite a lot of great horror games over the past few weeks, though to be honest, it would seem like an insult to the holiday if we didn’t put something up today. So, with that in mind, we’ve scoured the market for another five acclaimed horror titles and loaded up our candy hampers. The question is: will you be joining us as the clock strikes midnight to bite into the goods?

5. Inscryption

Inscryption - Out Now on PC

On the surface, Inscryption looks like your box-standard deck building game, only with a few lashings of blood-soaked textures and twisted soundboards drizzled on top. But buried within that very box, however, is a series of twists and turns that will keep you hooked for dozens of hours. It’s basically a smooth combination of rougelike elements and turn-based strategy, all bundled into one creepy package that bleeds blood-curdling atmosphere.

Go into Inscryption with an open mind and you’re sure to be surprised with its charming art style and story progression. It’s an ideal concoction that leaves a lasting note on the tongue, no matter the genre you’re looking for. All in all, it’s well worth the time — especially over the Halloween season. Plus, for a discounted price with 10% off, you’d be crazy not to try its blood-laced fruits.


4. The Forest

The Forest – PSX 2017: Multiplayer Trailer | PS4

Are you ready to enter a living, breathing labyrinth filled with crooked trees, chaotic caves and cannibalistic mutants? Well, tough luck, because being the sole survivor from a plane crash with no resources or escape in sight — you’re going to have to brave the world around you and establish some ground rules before the deep, dark and deadly forest claims you in the dead of night. Come midnight when the forest is at its worst, those very trees and caves can be what either gives you a second chance, or ultimately brings you to your downfall.

The Forest definitely has a lot of familiar parts to its overall wheel of horrors. Gathering resources to build a camp, hunting for food to stay alive and maintain strength to live another day, yada yada yada. It’s all there — and it’ll keep survival horror fans powering on so long as the game itself continues to churn content. Of course, The Forest does have its originalities that keep it from capsizing in a sea of other like-minded titles on the market. So for that reason alone, it is worth taking a look at.


3. Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime - Official Game Trailer

If you thought having to enrol as a security guard in a pizzeria filled with deranged animatronics was a little overwhelming — wait until you get a load of Poppy Playtime, where the whole world revolves around a toy factory. Not a pizzeria with a few wandering teddy bears. A toy factory. A place where abandoned toys beckon to be rediscovered after all previous factory employees vanished into thin air.

Poppy Playtime is a perfect experience for those who are looking to solve a few mind-bending puzzles in a downright horrifying environment that practically bleeds paranoia. With a perfect ensemble of sinister critters and animatronics loitering around ever corner, you can almost guarantee that things will go bump in the night when trespassing into the depths of the old toy factory.



DEVOUR Official Launch Trailer

If you’re looking to spend some time with a few friends this Halloween and also wanting to chew into something that will scare the lot of you senseless — then you’re going to want to bolt DEVOUR to your library. It’s a collection of things every successful horror game tends to harness, as well as its own unique brand that we can’t help but love. And as for the multiplayer front, well — who doesn’t love witnessing their friendship circle tear apart over a digital ghost?

DEVOUR puts you and three other cultist friends in a race against time, with the goal being to gather all the necessary items to hold a ritual and banish an evil force that stalks your every footstep. Through teamwork, as well as whole lot of running amok, you’ll have to band together to survive the night and drive back the entities that only wish to drag you to the darkest depths of hell. Can you sever Azazel’s hold and make it through dawn?


1. Little Nightmares II

Little Nightmares 2 - Official Trailer

Don’t take the sweet little yellow raincoat as a sign of weakness. There’s far more to this innocent child and paper bag wearing duo, that’s for sure. And believe it or not, the little tale of theirs is perhaps one of the most terrifying to date, with enough distorted horrors to keep you jarred in a never-ending, well, nightmare. And if you haven’t already submerged into the original, then we strongly suggest you do that first.

Little Nightmares II follows a young boy that goes by the name of Mono, along with newfound silent friend Six. Together, the two unlikely friends venture through the Pale City, where its citizens are a cross between Silent Hill and Studio Ghibli. Think bulging eyes, stretchy necks and shrieking cries. That’s basically the foes you’ll have to try and overcome together as a team. It’s creepy beyond belief, and something that will definitely leave a few marks come completion. Worth it, though.


So, what games will you be playing this Halloween? Let us know over on our socials here.


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