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Gotham Knights Trailer, Gameplay, and Expected Villains



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Let’s not pretend like we’re all not ready to get our hands on the not yet released action/ adventure, role playing game, “Gotham Knights” video game. WB Games already has confirmed some key details in the game.

We saw the playable roster with Batman’s allies Dick Grayson, (the first Robin to become Nightwing), Jason Todd (the second Robin as Red Hood with the equipped guns), Tim Drake (the third Robin), and Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) in the cinematic trailer.

Gotham Knights - World Premiere Trailer

Nightwing is voiced by Christopher Sean, Red Hood is voiced by Stephen Oyoung, Robin is voiced by Sloan Morgan Siegel, Alfred is voiced by Gildart Jackson, and Batman is voiced by Michael Antonakos. In the trailer, it’s clear that the playable character each have their own move sets, with weapons in the interactive Gotham City atmosphere. While you may not be able to play as Batman in “Gotham Knights,” there’s still the opportunity to appreciate the the 4 playable members of the Bat-Family and can drop in on criminal activity in 5 different boroughs. Robin can travel using the Justice League’s teleportation technology where he can futuristically warp around via satellite. 

In “Gotham Knights,” it isn’t linked to the Arkham Universe, but based in the DC Universe. Commissioner Gordon (the first ever Batman) is rumored to be dead and the Bat-Family steps up to fight off the villains in Gotham City. Whether or not Batman actually returns as a twist in the plot remains a mystery. While it’s true that nobody knows how the story will unfold, the buzz about the game is ongoing for superhero fans. Maybe we’ll learn about how Commissioner Gordon died in the plot. It’s been official that the most recent character to be in the game is Selina Kyle (with a marriage to Bruce Wayne, possibly addressed). 

It’s unknown if Selina will be disguised as Catwoman to defend Gotham City in honor of Batman, but she’s expected by some fans to at least be a villain for a short period, if not, throughout the entire game. For her to show a side that truly is heartbroken from her loss, it’ll stir up much more emotional conflict throughout the gameplay. Some confirmed villains in the game will be Mr. Freeze as well as the Court of Owls (which is a secret society made up of wealthy Gothamites). Other expected villains are Poison Ivy (in Robinson Park, her main hideout), Ra Al Ghul, Prometheus and/ or Wrath, The Riddler, Two-Face, Black Mask, Phantasm, Bane, the Joker, and The GCPD (Gotham City Police Department). The GCPD is hunting down the Bat-Family as criminals in the storyline. 

In the gameplay, there’s visible pedestrians, which is unknown how often you can interact with them. It’s a pretty interesting thought if you can do side missions for the citizens of Gotham City, saving lives. You’ll be introduced to the Batcycle (also called the Batblade or Batpod) where you can speed throughout the city, boosting up speed, speeding up ramps, and heroically jumping off the street-bike. It’s obvious that you can sneak up on villains with various level rankings, but not if each playable character can gain an ultimate ability (related to their character) after filling up their status bar or use a super combo. 

The Batcave is no longer

Locations in the game are S.T.A.R. Labs (Science and Technological Advanced Research Laboratories), the hospital (Edward M. Elliot), and the Belfry (Batman’s secret headquarters). Yes. The Belfry is back and the Batcave gone ever since Batman was rumored to be dead. As comic book fans, we are amped up to sweat from smashing buttons all day once this game releases. The sooner we discover the true storyline about “Gotham Knights,” the more we’ll feel more game conscious. 

There’s only a solo and two player mode:

When you get your hands on “Gotham Knights,” you can either play solo, or have twice the fun with an online two player mode. You heard it right. There’s no split-screens for four players. If you have more than two gamers over, find out who plays a game of hogging.

In conclusion:

Although the release date for “Gotham Knights” remains unannounced, it will be released some time in 2021. Having Batman actually die could mean to continue the DC Universe without the popular hero, which would be a tough task to do. Batman is no stranger to surprise appearances and is hard to stop, so there’s no telling if he’ll make a surprise return. The platforms that “Gotham Knights will be compatible with are PS4 (PlayStation 4), PS5 (PlayStation 5), Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Microsoft Windows.

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