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Get Ready For Apex Legends Season 4

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Apex Legends Season 4

Apex Legends Season 4 is about to hit the streets in less than a week. This release will coincide with games first anniversary – which is on February 4. Here is everything we know.

Confusing Trailer

Respawn has recently released a puzzling announcement, which left us with more questions than we had before. In the first reveal, Respawn claimed that Forge will be the new playable character. Forge, aka Jimmie McCormick, is a veteran of the Hyperfighting Federation and is sponsored by Hammond Robotics, which is a nod to Titanfall fans. He is armed with mean robotic left hook, which should make him very dangerous in close range.

Apex Legends Season 4

Nobody anticipated this plot-twist (Source: GamesRadar)

However, Forge was quickly killed by a not-so-charming Revenant. He might have been a red-herring all along, as his death box can also be found on the map, in the Sorting Factory. On the other hand, this might be a diversion from Respawn, and we might get 2 new Legends at the start of Season 4. We surely hope that the devs will give us this anniversary gift.

Season 4 Introduces The Sentinel

Apex Legends season 4 will also be kicked-off with a brand new weapon called The Sentinel. This is a bolt action sniper that will have a specific charge mechanic, so you will have to think really carefully about your shots. The Sentinel should also have an alternate fire mode, but we know nothing about it so far.


Sentinel is new weapon in Apex Legends Season 4

The new weapon looks badass (Source: GamingBolt)

Of course, season 4 comes with a new battle pass, that should cost 950 Apex Coins. However, if you want to speed thing up you might be interested in a bundle which will give you the first 25 levels. This will be yours for 1000 Apex Coins aka $10.

Changes In Apex Legends Season 4

  1. Split Ranked Mode

Series 3 will last for 3 months and will be split. The first 45 days will be played on World's Edge, followed by good old King's Canyon. Your rewards will be based on your best tier on either map. But, there will also be exclusive badges, available to those who earn good ranks on both maps. This is a good incentive to just keep going at it.

2. Loss/Forgiveness System

Respawn has decided to go easy on you if you decide to leave the match early. Devs know that sometimes, things are just out of our control. However, if you do this over 3 times in ranked mode, there will be some penalties.

   3. New Ranked tier

If you've become Apex Predator and wondered, “What's next?”, don't worry. Respawn has decided to add a new tier titled Master. It will stand between Diamond and Apex Predator, and you will need to get 10,000 RP to get in. Apex Predator rank is now more exclusive, and only the best 500 players will be able to reach it. If you manage to climb to the top, you will have a good chance at playing in Apex Legends Global Series.

4. Party Restrictions

Respawn has also decided to offer more balance. Therefore, once you reach a Platinum tier, you will be able to only play with players that in Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

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