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GameStop Launches Crypto & NFT Wallet



gamestop new nft wallet

The gaming industry has mixed feelings about cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens. But on the other hand, GameStop has rolled out a new browser extension – a wallet that would support virtual currencies and tokens.

To dive into the innovative and ever-evolving virtual realm of blockchains and cryptos, GameStop has released its own digital wallet. The electronics and gaming giant invited its customers to try out the new GameStop Wallet.

GameStop is also gearing up to release a new marketplace for NFTs. To facilitate easy trading, selling, and buying, users can download the new wallet on their phone or get the browser extension.  As per the company's earnings report, GameStop's marketplace is very likely to release in July. With the wallet and the marketplace, GameStop

GameStop Wallet: What is It About?

Users can download and run the browser extension on their PCs. They can then store NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Eventually, the company will also roll out an app for smartphones.

Wallet users will be able to trade NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and other digital assets in DApps (decentralized apps) and GameStop's upcoming marketplace. While GameStop's new wallet is a great movie, it will face severe competition from other big names in the industry.

gamestop wallet

For instance, recently Robinhood unveiled its wallet and caused quite a stir in the crypto community. About 2 million users had added their names to the waitlist even before the wallet was released. Robinhood further revealed that it's working on a standalone wallet that would connect to the NFT marketplace.

The wallet is also up against established giants like Coinbase and Trust Wallet. Not to mention that recent times have been tough for NFTs and cryptocurrencies. The Non-Fungible Token prices plummeted a few weeks ago and there were some major crashes in the cryptocurrency market as well.

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