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Games on Steam: Domino Effect



Games on Steam

Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games on this popular platform. Today, we will cover the life of a square, becoming an evil overlord, charming foxes, and the joy of falling dominoes.

New Super Lucky’s Tale

To start, we have a charming platformer, reminiscent of titles like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and Rayman. You play as Lucky, a friendly fox that has to defeat evil magician named Jinx and retrieve missing pages from a powerful book. The game is very laidback, with catchy music and tight controls. All in all, Super Lucky is suitable for everyone. Although it’s not too hard, it’s super fun and will give you a taste of old classics.

New Super Lucky's Tale gameplay

Super Lucky charms at every step Steam

Flatland Vol.2

Flatland is a fast-paced and challenging platformer that can be compared to the popular Super Meat Boy. Volume 2 keeps building on the original, giving us 120+ levels of neon-colored madness. In Flatland, patience is a virtue, as you can expect to die a lot until you master the intricacies of each stage. Despite, or maybe because of, these challenges, the game continues to be fun and engaging, with a sensible learning curve so it doesn’t overwhelm you.

Games on Steam: Flatland

Flatland is a hard platformer with beautiful neon visuals Steam


With Ruinarch, all of your dreams of becoming an evil overlord can easily come true. This is a procedurally generated sandbox game, where each of your choices can profoundly impact the storyline. You can choose between 3 overlord archetypes, each of which has a unique playstyle. Do you want to see the whole world crash and burn by summoning fireballs or would you prefer a more subtle approach of spreading rumors and turning people against each other? The choice is yours. Ruinarch offers a ton of ways to obliterate civilizations, which will perfectly satisfy almost everyone’s destructive urges.

Ruinarch gameplay

Create chaos and generate your own unique story Steam

Dark Fracture: Prologue

Dark Fracture is a psychological horror that throws you in a world that’s constantly changing. In it, you will need to constantly monitor your sanity by looking for the pills that will keep you from slipping away into madness. As your sanity meter runs out, the environment around you will become increasingly chaotic and nightmarish. Rather than relying on cliches, Dark Fracture manages to build a unique atmosphere with smart usage of lightning and music. If you are a fan of survival games like Amnesia and Penumbra, it’s definitely worth checking it out.

Dark Fracture Gameplay

There’s a thin line between sanity and madness Steam


If you’ve ever been transfixed by a massive chain reaction of falling dominos, Gadgeteer is a game for you. This is a VR physics-based puzzle where you will use all kinds of creative gadgets to build a mindblowing collision course. In all, there are 60 puzzles that can be solved in various ways, but the real fun starts with constructing your own puzzles. With 100+ gadgets to choose from and a growing community, Gadgeteer offers a lot of playability.

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When he is not climbing ranks in League of Legends or battling the Nameless King in Dark Souls 3, Marko writes about everything gaming related. He lives in Zagreb and is an ambitious Netflix addict.

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