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Games on Steam: These Farts Are Deadly



Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games from this popular platform. There’s been a slew of new titles, so this edition will feature 3 additional games. Today, we will jump into Izzy’s diary, blink our way to the afterlife, defeat a dangerous warlock, and say No! to everyone and everything.

Across the Obelisk

We will start with a fun roguelite deckbuilder Across the Obelisk. What immediately sets it apart from similar titles, is that you can play it in co-op (up to 3 friends). Each of the 4 members has its own deck and talents, which give the game a great amount of complexity. Not to mention that there are 700+ cards, 16 distinct characters with unique mechanics and that your choices actually matter. Yes, Across the Obelisk has a lot going for it, and is a perfect game to test if you are a fan of Darkest Dungeon and Slay the Spire.

Games on Steam: Across the Obelisk

A fresh take on a deckbuilder Steam

NGU Industries

For fans of idle games, we bring NGU Industries, a sequel to the popular NGU Idle. This is a factory manager, with a surprising amount of depth. Like its predecessor, the game is filled with quirky humor that drives the story forward. Build labs, optimize your productivity, defend yourself against fleshy demons, and befriend a Cool Camel in this wild idler. Also, did we mention that it’s free?

NGU Industries gameplay

Mastering the art of a deadly fart is crucial for your industry Steam

Lost Words: Beyond the Page

Lost Words is a beautiful adventure/platformer taking place in a diary of an imaginative girl Izzy. The game will take you through the fantasy lands of Estoria that brim with mystery. On your way, you will solve puzzles by using words from another journal that was passed to you by an elder. Lost Words has a strong heart-wrenching story that may leave you speechless once you reach the end.

Games on Steam: Lost Words

A mesmerizing adventure Steam

Before Your Eyes

Games on Steam are often unique, but did you play anything just by blinking? Before Your Eyes is a story-driven adventure that pushes this idea to its limits. The game is an emotional journey that starts as you die and follows the journey of your soul. You will relieve important moments, ranging from the first love to the repressed and uncomfortable experiences that nevertheless shaped you. Although short, Before Your Eyes has a memorable story that everyone can relate to. Just keep in mind that you need to have a webcam to get the full experience.

Before Your Eyes gameplay

Blink and you’ll miss it Steam

First Class Trouble

Here we have an interesting party game. In, First Class Trouble, you can have one of the 2 roles: human Residents and killer Personoids who want to take control of the luxurious spaceship. Humans will have to deduce who is who, and who should they trust, at least for the time being. Personoids, on the other hand, will use lies and strike when the timing is right or take the control of the operating system. First Class Trouble is tense and entertaining, giving you tons of ways to finish off enemies that will make you chuckle.

Say No! More

Next, we have the very first self-proclaimed NPG (No! playing game). Say No! More puts us in the shoes of an intern who just doesn’t like the way things are going in his new workplace. It’s your job to turn down every idea you encounter, which will result in many hilarious encounters. If you take delight in creating chaos or want to learn the powers of saying No!, this game will be right up your alley.

Games on Steam: Say No! More

Yeah, that ain’t going to happen … Steam

Colony Ship

We couldn’t publish this edition of Games on Steam without including Colony Ship. This is a sci-fi RPG set on a huge ship heading to Proxima Centauri. But the thing is, you will die long before it gets there. Furthermore, Colony Ship is filled with violent factions that are constantly battling for domination. It’s up to you to figure out who you want to join, and there are multiple solutions to every quest. The gameplay is turn-based, so planning beforehand is important. Although its early access, Colony Ship already offers a big arsenal of weapons and skills that allow for various playstyles. We would recommend it if you enjoy challenging and mature RPG’s set in unforgiving worlds.

The Slormancer

Finally, we have a new hack-and-slash RPG from Slormite Studios. In it, we will clear out the dungeons from the evil spirits and confront the evil warlock Slormancer. To do this, you can play as a knight, mage, or huntress. The game is frenetic and provides you with hundreds of abilities and unique weapons, so you can create truly unique builds. Add to this that dungeons are procedurally generated, and it becomes clear that The Slormancer has enough content to keep you occupied for days, even though it is still early access. All in all, the fans of the genre should be more than satisfied.

Games on Steam already has over 50 editions, so you will never run out of indies to play. You can check out last week’s installment right here.

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