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Games on Steam: The Darkness Within



Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles this popular platform’s latest and greatest Indie games. Today, we will join the band of mercenaries, explore the dark parts of being a human, learn how to properly flip a burger, and much more.


To kick things off, we have an interesting turn-based RPG set in a medieval period. Wartales follows the group of mercenaries exploring a vast open-world in search of gold and glory. However, this is not easy, and most of the time you'll be struggling to survive, much less thrive. In this way, Wartales forces you to think several steps ahead. Its combat is complex, thanks to the numerous skill sets, characters, and builds at your disposal. The game also has a deep storyline that is sparsely told, and it's up to you to pick up the pieces as it unfolds. In short, Wartales is one of the most promising new RPGs and I hope devs reach its potential.

Happy's Humble Burger Farm

For this week's dose of scary and weird, we have an immersive horror/cooking sim. In Happy's Humble Burger Farm, your job is to serve terrifying customers in an old restaurant. It's best that you come on your A-game, otherwise Happy will get angry, and that's not something you wish to see. Overall, H.H.B.F has a tight story, engaging mechanics, and a great sense of humor. If you don't mind the retro graphic style, it can easily disturb you for hours on end.

Happy's Humble Burger Farm gameplay

Hi sweetie, want some milk? Steam

Fight in Tight Spaces

After lengthy early access, Fight in Tight Spaces is ready to hit the road! This is a unique and stylish mix of deck-builder and turn-based strategy that received excellent feedback from the community. In part, this is because of the effective visual style inspired by classic action movies. Another piece of the puzzle is the sheer amount of cards that you can manipulate to suit your play style. This makes for an entertaining and challenging game that continues to surprise you, even after you've played it for weeks. In short, I'd recommend Fight in Tight Spaces to most players, even if you are not a fan of the genre.

Fight in Tight Spaces gameplay

Here comes a free facial reconstruction surgery Steam

The Divine Invasion

Next, we have a cyberpunk adventure that puts you in the role of a headhunter. Your goal is to locate an anonymous criminal who is stealing and rewriting historical documents. To do this, you'll have to investigate armed and hostile futuristic corporations. The Divine Invasion offers 2 ways to do this: strike from the shadow, or take your sword out and go balls to the wall. Aside from all the action, the game also puts focus on examining human nature and will constantly test your moral values. All in all, this is an atmospheric sci-fi adventure with a unique story that's worth getting into.

Fight Knight

Lastly, we have a wacky mix of dungeon crawler and hectic beat-em-up. Fight Knight takes you on a journey through the dark Tower, which traps everything it consumes in eternal darkness. The game has solid and engaging combat mechanics and will often make you think about how to approach the enemies. Add to this great puzzles, cool abilities, and memorable characters, and you have one of the best new games on Steam and a possible cult classic.

Games on Steam: Fight Knight

Fight Knight has an immediately recognizable visual style Steam

Games on Steam is a nearly endless source of great Indies. You can check out the previous edition here.

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