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Games on Steam: The Dark Encounter



Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games from this popular platform. Today, we will walk in the shoes of a great detective, escape from creepy Soviet complex, and hang out with demonic rabbits.

The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark

To start, we have a sequel to the tense and engaging point-and-click adventure. In it, you will follow detective McQueen as he tries to solve 6 scary cases. Far from being chilling, the game is often hilarious and has a pixel-art visual style that just fits it perfectly. It also has smart puzzles that will keep you challenged throughout your journey. The Darkside Detective is very reminiscent of the Monkey Island series and is a must-play if you are a fan of adventures. Plus, with every purchase, you get a free exorcism service that will get rid of all of the unwanted trauma. To us, it's a win-win.

The Darkside Detective gameplay

Say, Alfred, did I show you my stick? Steam

Quantum League

Quantum League might just be the first time-paradox online shooter. Here, every move counts, as you will respawn every few seconds, while your clones keep doing your actions. This makes for some intense 1v1 and 2v2 matches in which you will have to strategize carefully to come out on top. Quantum League is easy to grasp, but mastering it requires thinking outside of the box. Currently, the game has a small community, but the potential is great.

Games on Steam: Quantum League gameplay

A mind-bending arena shooter Steam

Tiny Bunny

Next, we have a disturbing non-linear visual novel. Tiny Bunny takes place in a small village surrounded by a Siberian forest where weird things start happening. The game has a great art style and chilling soundtrack that work together to create a constant sense of dread. The story is also strong and gives you many pathways to explore that really do affect the outcome. Currently, there are 2 episodes out, but we would wholeheartedly recommend it even if you are not that into the genre.

Games on Steam: Tiny Bunny

Will you let me take a nap? Steam


TaleSpire takes the classic pen and paper tabletop RPGs and brings them online. The game lets you choose between 150+ creatures and hero miniatures with unique abilities and stats. But, the real power of TaleSpire is in fantastic level design. One of the players will be a GM, which makes him in charge of building big maps and various other interesting aspects. The world of TaleSpire can easily be changed in real-time, giving you a ton of freedom. Although still in early access, the game brings an impeccable DND feel, which is why I had to include it in this edition of Games on Steam.

Exit From

Lastly, we have a stealth horror game called Exit From, where your ultimate goal is escaping from the big Soviet complex. This is, of course, more difficult than you might think, especially since it changes every time you start a new game. The same is true with the puzzles, which can be challenging. Exit From also sets up a solid atmosphere from the start, especially with the unnerving soundtrack. Overall, this is a tense and claustrophobic experience that will entertain you for a few hours.

Games on Steam: Exit From

Hope you learned your ABC's Steam

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