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Games on Steam: Smack in da Face



Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles this popular platform’s latest and greatest Indie games. Today, we will try to blow up cows, guide a blind samurai, brew mysterious potions, and help a girl drop her weird fascination with milk.

The Crackpet Show

To warm-up, we have a wacky rogue-lite bullet hell reminiscent of Happy Tree Friends. The Crackpet Show is a violent TV show that follows bloody fights between various mutated animals. As you get more famous, you’ll be able to upgrade and unlock more weapons, such as a molten lava gun, rocket launcher, and more. Things will get hectic pretty quickly, and you’ll need sharp reflexes if you wish to come out alive. The Crackpet Show can also be played in co-op, and that’s as fun as it sounds.

Games on Steam: The Crackpet Show

A chaotic shooter filled with personality Steam

Blind Fate: Edo no Yami

Blind Fate is a prologue of a cool new sci-fi hack-and-slasher. It puts you in the role of Yami, a blind cyber samurai trapped in a period where machines rule the world. Your best hope of survival is by using the Mask of the Oni, which creates a vivid, although slightly distorted simulation of reality. There are also a few other sensors that will help you piece the idea of the world, but you should know that they are not always reliable. This makes for a really innovative combat system that already shows much depth. Blind Fate will hit the market in early 2022, and if it’s anything like this prologue it will be an amazing experience.

Milk Outside a Bag of Milk …

If you are a fan of visual novels, I have a mind-bending title that you’ll not forget anytime soon. In Milk Outside a Bag of Milk we once again dive into a mind of a schizophrenic girl, which is very unnerving yet fascinating. The narrative element is very well done, and there are multiple endings that add a lot of depth and replayability. I’ll keep it brief to not give anything away. MOBM is a truly unique experience that should appeal to gamers that are looking for something a bit different.

Games on Steam: Milk Outside a Bag of Milk

MOBM expertly mixes horror with psychedelia Steam


Next, we have a charming adventure/RPG Indie. Wytchwood is set in a world of fairytales, and it oozes style with every step you take. You play as an old witch who spends most of her time collecting powerful ingredients, brewing magical potions, and exploring the wacky land you live in. The game consists of 12 lovely stories that kept my interest until the end. While a bit simplistic, Wyhtchwood is among the best casual games on Steam that came out this month.

One Hand Clapping

One Hand Clapping is a casual rhythm platformer in which you solve puzzles with your voice. By humming, beatboxing, and singing in your microphone you’ll transform the world around you while also gaining confidence in your musical abilities. One Hand Clapping inhabits a vibrant world filled with cute and loveable residents that will cheer you on your journey, even if most of your notes are off-key. If you wish to dust off your ol’ vocal cords while having fun, this is the game to play.

Games on Steam: One Hand Clapping

Use your voice and manipulate the world around you Steam

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