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Games on Steam: Nothing’s Like it Seems



Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles this popular platform’s latest and greatest Indie games. Today, we will explore claustrophobic mines, learn about alchemy, photograph cute puppies, and save mankind.

Hidden Deep

To kick things off, we have an atmospheric sci-fi thriller inspired by The Thing and Aliens. Hidden Deep places you in a remote research facility, located 1 mile underneath the ocean floor. A group of scientists detect strange signals in the mines, and you are tasked with finding the source. As you can guess, things go downhill very quickly. Hidden Deep lets you control multiple characters, either directly or by using commands, which keeps things fresh. The game also keeps the sense of mystery and eeriness throughout, and that is certainly not easy. Although in early access, Hidden Deep feels like a full game and is worth your time.


From dusty mines, we’ll move directly to magical forests, where this action-adventure takes place. Jivana follows the journey of a water priestess Aelis. After cataclysm struck her community, she is tasked with leading her people to safety. To do this, you’ll have to manipulate water and make your way through mesmerizing landscapes. While a bit short, Jivana has an emotional and meaningful story that’ll make you think about your environment. Also, the gameplay is pretty cool.


GNOSIA is an intriguing visual novel that revolves around social deduction. The game takes place on a spaceship, where the crew fights against a deadly threat that has taken the human form. With each round, suspicious characters will be put to sleep, while others will gain new abilities that’ll make things a bit harder. GNOSIA is a unique take on the popular genre, with a lot to offer to those that are patient.

Games on Steam: Gnosia

Deduction game meets psychological horror Steam

Windjammers 2

Windjammers 2 is a fast-paced arcade in which you’ll master the art of throwing discs. While easy to learn, the game has many complex moves that look great and are hard to master. Rather than relying on endless button-mashing, Windjammers 2 is surprisingly strategic and will have you analyze your behavior to see where you went wrong. Add to this a cool soundtrack and visual style, and you’ve got something pretty special.

Games on Steam: Windjammers 2

Disc has never been so deadly Steam


If taking photos of cute and derpy dogs sounds exciting, you’ll love Pupperazzi. It’s time to dust off your ol’ camera, as there are tons of sweet canines running around in this relaxing sandbox. As your career grows, you’ll get better gear, such as slow-mo lenses and filters that will make your work instantly recognizable. After you take that perfect photo, why not start dance parties, or maybe dress them up and do a fashion show? In short, Pupperazzi is a wholesome and fun casual Indie that’ll entertain you for a few hours.

Games on Steam: Pupperazzi

Oh, oh! I forgot my makeup! Steam

Dimension Tripper Neptune: TOP NEP

For those of you looking for something short and sweet, we have a cool retro bullet hell. Top Nep is a spinoff of Hyperdimension Neptunia, a popular JRPG made by Idea Factory. The game follows Older Neptune through 5 hectic levels filled with recognizable characters and epic boss fights. The gameplay is very fun, and the soundtrack will pump you up to give your best. While fans will get the most out of it, this is a solid arcade shooter that’s only slightly disappointing due to its length.

Strange Horticulture

And now for something a bit different. Strange Horticulture is a unique detective puzzle game that takes place in the small town of Undermere. You work in a plant store and are tasked with finding and identifying new species. Some of them are very powerful and will help you influence the world around you and uncover some of Undermere’s dark secrets. All in all, this is an atmospheric, dark, and mysterious puzzler that will appeal to the fans of the genre.

Games on Steam: Strange Horticulture

An intriguing occult detective story Steam

Nobody Saves the World

Lastly, we have the newest hack-and-slash RPG from the creators of Guacamelle! In it, you play as Nobody, an unknown hero who has to save mankind. To do this, you will have to master transforming into 15+ forms and destroy the evil Calamity. NSW lets you mix and match abilities to create a completely unique build as you move through procedurally generated dungeons. Expect constantly evolving mechanics, a great soundtrack, and a charming world that you can lose yourself in for hours.

Nobody Saves the World gameplay

A zany action RPG with a lot of character Steam

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