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Games on Steam: Mysterious Planets



Games on Steam

Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games on this popular platform. Today, we talk about prepping for the apocalypse, weird everyday life of squishy abomination, and otherworldly mysteries.


ULTRAKILL is a bloody retro shooter that aims to combine the mechanics of classics like Quake and modern Doom titles. The result is a hectic experience in which you will soak in the blood of fallen demons to keep yourself alive while descending through the pits of hell. Nothing unusual here. To succeed in your aim, ULTRAKILL arms you with a ridiculous array of weapons that can be used in multiple ways. The game doesn’t leave you time to think, so you will have to rely solely on your instinct and reflexes. If you thought Doom Eternal was a bit tame, you can give this one a go.

ULTRAKILL gameplay

ULTRAKILL is adrenaline-infused bloodbath Steam

Mr. Prepper: Prologue

The risk of a nuclear war is always looming in the air, so perhaps, it’s best to be ready. At least, these are the thoughts of Mr. Prepper, a dude living in a slowly decaying country. This is a survival crafting sim fueled by paranoia, in which you will create various machines and huge underground shelters. On top of this, you will also need to keep your plans hidden from the government and farm rare materials. Although this is a demo of an upcoming game, it is already well polished and you can get it for free, which is a pretty good deal.


Sensorium is a challenging open-world puzzle that revolves around our 5 basic senses: taste, smell, sight, touch, and hearing. The premise is simple: you wake up on an abandoned planet and have to make your way back home. The game maintains a sense of mystery by letting you slowly piece together what’s happening through exploration and interaction with the environment. You will often have to think outside the box, and there are plenty of secrets that will keep you playing long after you finish the story. This is certainly one of the more unique puzzle games on Steam.

Games on Steam: Sensorium

A smart and engaging puzzler Steam


This one is for the fans of beat-em-ups. In Shing!, you play as a powerful ninja whose job is to kick demons ass. The game has an old-school arcade-style vibe and an intuitive combat system that is multilayered and offers a wide variety of combos. Shing! also lets you switch between multiple characters mid-fight, which is really cool. Although not that complex, it has a satisfying story and is filled with humor. To conclude, Shing! doesn’t bank on mere nostalgia, but gives a unique spin to the typical arcade games that is easy to appreciate.

Sting! gameplay

Shing! offers a unique combat system that is very appealing Steam


Lastly, we have a fresh co-op platformer revolving around physics. Struggling puts you in the role of a bizarre squishy abomination roaming through an equally insane world. Since each player controls one arm, communication is of vital importance if you want to be triumphant. As you progress through the game, your character will mutate and gather new powers that are needed to solve various puzzles. Struggling also features a colorful hand-drawn art that looks like it’s taken straight out of Rick and Morty. All in all, this is a fun and challenging indie that will appeal to the fans of grotesque humor.

Struggling gameplayA refreshing physics-based adventure Steam

And there’s a lot more from where this came from. Check our previous edition of Games on Steam here.

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