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Games on Steam: Manic Destruction

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Games on Steam

Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games on this popular platform. Today, we will talk about useful strategies against zombies, how to operate an escape pod, the importance of destroying expensive cars, and much more.

The Last Spell: Prologue

To start, we have a great mix of tower defense and turn-based RPG with a pinch of roguelite. Set in an apocalyptic scenario, The Last Spell follows a handful of heroes in their battles with waves of the undead. So far, the game is quite challenging but also well balanced, offering you plenty of ways in which you can defend the last human settlements.

Games on Steam: The Last Spell

Get in one line! Are you braindead? Steam


Do you think you are able to prepare a perfect heist? If the answer is yes, you might love Teardown. The game places you in a fully destructible world, where only your creativity will limit how you approach the level. Once you pick up the wanted item, the alarm gets triggered and the game is on. Use everything at your disposal to escape from the scene before security finds you. If you are into demolishing buildings, stealing overpriced cars, and cracking the safes,  Teardown will keep you entertained for hours.

Games on Steam: Teardown

Destroy everything!  Steam

Sector’s Edge

Next, we have another game with a fully destructible environment. Sector’s Edge is a promising early access FPS placed in a futuristic galaxy. The game has few RPG elements, as you can switch your equipment and acquire different perks. Battles in Sector’s Edge are absolutely chaotic, and to dominate, you will also have to master the mechanics of building and destruction. The game has a lot of potential and is one of the more addicting new games.Sector's Edge gameplayIf Minecraft was an FPS Steam

Tin Can

You’ve just escaped from your exploding spaceship, and now it’s time to figure out how to operate your escape pod. As Tin Can will quickly show you, this is far from easy. The game arms you with a thick manual, and you will need a lot of patience to learn how to micromanage each piece of the complex machinery. To make things worse (and more realistic), all of your systems are interconnected. Since every run presents different problems, Tin Can can remain fresh for quite a while, as you constantly balance on the edge of complete chaos. It is challenging, and definitely not for everyone, but very rewarding.

Tin Can gameplay

Learn the intricacies of your escape pod Steam


Lastly, we have a terrifying psychological horror called Visage. The game is set in a huge, maze-like house which is haunted by the memories of dead families. As if that’s not bad enough, you are also completely defenseless. Your best bet is to find ways to keep your sanity while confronting the shadowy past. Visage relies very much on building an atmosphere of dread and is very reminiscent of the Silent Hill series

Games on Steam: Visage

A slow-paced, atmospheric nightmare Steam

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