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Games on Steam: Let’s Save the World

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Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games from this popular platform. Last few days we had quite a few of great releases, so this edition will be a bit longer. Today, we will learn how to build a stronghold, survive in a desert, kill a dragon made out of legos, escape from bizarre carnival, and more.

Going Medieval

To start, we have an intriguing colony sim/ city builder that throws us back in some darker times. Going Medieval is set at the end of the 14th century after 95% of the population died from the plague. It's your job to help survivors rebuild the society on an unknown territory. Aside from constructing and evolving your stronghold, you will have to defend your colony from intruders, maintain high morale, and much more. In essence, Going Medieval is like a 3-D version of Rimworld, but with far fewer constraints, that will appeal to the fans of the genre.


This is a story-driven adventure about one day in an idyllic Japanese village. We follow a girl named Sumire, who needs to finish a bunch of tasks before nightfall. If she does so, a friendly spirit will grant her one wish. Be careful though, as all of your choices will matter in the end. From the get-go, the game won me over with its visuals and continued to do so through an emotional storyline. If you are looking for a casual adventure and are prepared to spill a few tears, you should give this one a go.

Games on Steam: Sumire

Is one day enough to change your life? Steam

Solasta: Crown of the Magister

This one is for the fans of turn-based RPGs. Solasta is a solid video adaptation of tabletop games that is heavily based on Dungeons and Dragons. Here, you will take charge of 4 heroes with unique skillsets that complement each other. With them, you will delve deep into dark dungeons filled with monsters guarding ancient treasures. What sets it apart is its destructible environment that can easily turn the tide if things go sour. Solasta puts a lot of emphasis on strategy, so thinking few steps ahead is a must. All in all, this is probably the best adaptation of tabletop games, and I simply had to include it in this edition of Games on Steam.

Solasta gameplay

Roll the dice and choose your destiny Steam

Force of Nature 2: Ghost Keeper

Force of Nature 2 mixes a lot under one hood: RPG, adventure, strategy, and action elements, plus resource management. The game throws you into an ancient world full of mysteries, where you will have to work hard to thrive. This includes: preparing food, constructing houses, growing plants, taming elements, experiment with magic, and an occasional showdown with bosses. The Force of Nature's world is procedurally generated, so you are never quite sure what the game might throw at you. There's a ton of things to explore, and, if you are not too careful, you can easily spend hours of your time and pull an unplanned all-nighter. Not that that's a bad thing, necessarily.

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers

EDF is a popular third-person shooter series. This time, it is set in an alternate dimension, in a world that is made out of Legos. Unfortunately, this place has descended into complete chaos, and it's up to EDF to restore peace. You will have to craft a unique team for each mission, as each member has specific skills that will work in different types of battles. Expect hectic action, epic boss fights, and an over-the-top storyline that just keeps on giving.

Two Strikes

Next, we have a 2D fighter aimed primarily at casual playersIn Two Strikes, you take a role of a skilled warrior in a particularly bloody period in Japan.  Here, one swift strike can make all the difference between life and death. Although easy to learn, the game offers enough depth to charm even more skilled players. You can choose between 6 warriors, all of which have a unique fighting style. Two strikes has excellent hand-drawn animation that will quickly transport you to some other time where honor is paid with blood.

Games on Steam: Two Strike

Two Strike plays out like an old school anime Steam

Vivid Knight

Vivid Knight is an adorable adventure/deck builder. In it, you will make your way through a  transforming dungeon in order to find and challenge the Black Witch that has imprisoned your friends. They are trapped inside the crystals, which are spread out throughout the map. Each crystal will grow your party stronger and unlock new abilities. While it starts simple, combat in Vivid Knight has a lot of depth, as there are a lot of synergies that you can build upon. In short, this is an addictive but challenging dungeon crawler designed to appeal to a wider audience.

Games on Steam: Vivid Knight

Create intricate synergies and find your way through an unforgiving dungeon Steam

Rubber Bandits: Summer Prologue

Here's a wacky and charming beat 'em up that's also one of the better party games on Steam. Rubber Bandits places you in a hectic match against 3 other players, and you can either team up in groups or play against each other. Shoot your enemies with a laser, beat them with a dead fish, or any other silly contraption that you may find on the beach. Rubber Bandits is very entertaining and you can easily find yourself playing it for whole evenings.


From lush tropical beaches, let's transport ourselves into the Atacama Desert. This is a backdrop of Arid – an unforgiving survival/exploration indie. Set in the 1930s, you take the role of the pilot whose plane just experienced a mysterious failure and crashed into the world's largest desert. To stay alive, you will not only have to deal with hunger and extreme temperatures, but also the very real psychological effects that loneliness has on people. Arid is all about strategy, and if you wish to be successful you will need to carefully manage your resources and use nights to explore the underground mining system. When all is said and done, Arid is one of the more interesting recent survival games on Steam, and its journey has just begun.

Arid artwork

How long can you survive in a desert? Steam


Lastly, we have a surreal point-and-click adventure from Wormwood Studios, creator of Primordia. In Strangeland, you wake up in a nightmarish carnival with no recollection of who you are. And it doesn't take long before weird things start to happen. This place is a home of many eccentric creatures, some of which will be eager to help you if you play your cards right. Rather than being linear, Strangeland gives you many options for how you wish to tackle its smart puzzles. The game also has a layered story that explores the themes of loss, redemption, and identity. Couple this with a great sound design and you have a unique and atmospheric adventure that will stay with you for some time.

Games on Steam: Strangeland

A strikingly original experience Steam

There's never a shortage of great Indies. You can check out more of them in our previous edition of Games on Steam. 

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