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Games on Steam: I Want To Fly Away

Games on Steam: I Want To Fly Away



Games on Steam

Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games from this popular platform. Today, we cover the odyssey of a few flies, a Viking rhythm game, the challenges of being a professional sniper, and more.

Life of a Fly

On how many occasions did you think: “if only I could be a fly on that wall?”. Well, this is your lucky day. Life of a Fly is a casual adventure that features 12 interesting stories about little buzzing insects. Each fly has its own personality, while some of them wax philosophically others love to share the details of their day. Yeah, Life of a Fly is definitely an unusual gem, but its cuteness and narrative are very contagious.

Games on Steam: Life of Fly

A chill adventure with smooth visuals Steam

Don’t Be Afraid

If buzzing around ain’t your thing, maybe you’d like to improve upon your PTSP. Don’t Be Afraid is all that a poor psychopath wants from you, unfortunately, kids are bad at following orders. As you try to escape from an enormous mansion filled with unnerving mannequin dolls, things can go sour pretty quickly. Don’t Be Afraid contains a lot of secrets and even multiple endings that will keep you coming back to see what you’ve missed. All in all, this is a solid atmospheric horror with quite a few good jumpscares.

Don't be afraid gameplay

Come on in, yoga is about to start  Steam

Geometric Sniper

In Geometric Sniper, you play as Andrew, a professional hitman who doesn’t fool around. Here, stakes are higher than ever, so better be on your A-game, as you will get only one shot. Geometric Sniper features a living, hand-drawn world that changes by the second. There are 12 targets to eliminate, after which you can switch to a find or elite mode that considerably lengthen playability. If you wish to test your reflexes in a fun, but somewhat challenging environment, Geometric Sniper will fulfill your needs.

Games on Steam: Geometric Sniper

Timing is everything Steam


Okay, now it’s time to jump into the role of a Viking and find out if you are a good drummer. Ragnarock is a VR rhythm game that will make your blood boil and inspire you to take 23andMe in hope of having a bit of Nordic spirit within you. Vikings don’t fool around, so you’ll row your boat to the rhythm of Celtic rock and power metal. However, the real party starts in PVP mode, as you try to keep in beat against 5 other players. Ragnarock is easy to learn, hard to master, and a hell of a lot of fun.

Games on Steam: Ragnarock

Why didn’t I bring my sweater?! Steam

Colossus Down

Let’s conclude this week’s list with one of the weirdest Games on Steam adventures – an indie named Colossus Down. You play as Nika, a peculiar girl with a plan to destroy all things that are not cool. She has just finished building her deadly robot MechaNika, and now it’s time to let him out on a test drive. Kill presidents and demolish the whole planet with the help of Agatha and Great Bleeding Pig. Collossus Down is hilarious and filled with personality. If you have any inclination for destruction, I wouldn’t hesitate to try it out.

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