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Games on Steam

Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games from this popular platform. Today, we will venture into the unknown to find the lost city of Mutropolis, test our reflexes against other gunslingers, learn how to raise chickens, and follow the way of the samurai.


To kick off this week, we have a cute point-and-click adventure named Mutropolis. In it, you will take a role of a nerdy archaeologist Henry Dijon, as he looks for a lost mythical city Mutropolis. The game is set in the year 5000, and in the meantime, Earth became a wild and dangerous place, so this task won’t be easy. Mutropolis is filled with humor and is reminiscent of games like Monkey Island. If you love this genre, the game will envelop you with smart puzzles and a great atmosphere.

Games on Steam: Mutropolis

Mutropolis has a distinct and slick art style Steam

The Legend of Karl

Next, how about a 2.5D hack and slash RPG? The Legend of Karl follows one of the few remaining humans who survived the collision between the Human and the Spirit world. It’s your job to save your sister and restore back the old order. The game has interesting combat mechanics and gives you new weapons to wield by clearing out demonic dungeons. The Legend of Karl is still in early access but is free to play and has enough potential to make me think that it can evolve in one of the year’s best hack and slash games.

Lemon Cake

Sometimes, you just have to bake pastries with a friendly ghost. At least that’s the theory behind this cool time management sim called Lemon Cake. You start with a broken bakery, but soon enough you will learn how to grow fruit, create new recipes, serve a strong coffee, and even raise cows and chickens. Well, this is a bit weird bakery, but that’s beside the point. What matters is that Lemon Cake is a cute, relaxing, and one of the more addictive games on Steam. It can easily entertain you through these final weeks of winter.

Games on Steam: Lemon Cake

A charmful bakery sim Steam

Ronin: Two Souls

From M11 Studio, comes an interesting RPG adventure. Ronin: Two Souls follows the story of Kenji, a young man with a goal to become a samurai. However, his life was changed one day as he was forced to do something he didn’t want. Ronin puts a lot of emphasis on the story and gives you the freedom to choose your friends, as well as enemies. So far, only the first chapter is out, and while combat is lacking, the game sets up a great atmosphere. Ronin gameplayAn atmospheric RPG in which your choices matter Steam

RevolVR 3

Lastly, we’ll drop in a fun casual VR shooter that combines robots and the wild west. As it’s custom, you are only allowed to use revolvers, so better bring your A-game against the other slick gunslingers. RevolVR3 is fast-paced and simple enough to appeal to a wide audience. Multiplayer mode puts you in short and tense matches with up to 6 players. If that ain’t enough, you can always play some of the minigames like poker and Russian roulette, or just chill in the saloon. So far, you can pick between 4 characters, which have different types of revolvers. All in all, this is a pretty cool VR title that caught us off guard.

RevolVR 3 gameplay

Boy oh boy, Jimmy surely did shoot his noggin straight off last week Steam

There’s never a shortage of good games. You can take a look at our previous edition of Games on Steam here and see for yourself.

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