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Games on Steam: Distant Memories



Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles this popular platform’s latest and greatest Indie games. Today, we will focus on mostly retro titles, covering everything from addictive dungeon crawlers to gripping psychological RPGs.

Martial Law

Set in communist Poland, Martial Law explores the difficulties of living under an oppressive regime. Here we take the role of an outcast, a man abandoned due to his bad social status. Although short, the game is very emotional and offers several endings based on your choices. Martial Law is an educational history lesson that shows the tragic sides of life that we shouldn’t forget that quickly.

At Home Alone

At Home Alone proves that pixel-art games can be very creepy. As a little girl, you explore your house and surrounding neighborhood where nothing is at it seems. The story is gripping, has a lot of twists and multiple endings that will keep you guessing. It’s rare to find such polished free-to-play Indie, which is why I recommend it to everyone looking for weird psychological horror.

Games on Steam: At Home Alone

A trippy and unnerving horror RPG Steam

Rogue Fable III

If you are looking for a complex old-school turn-based RPG, Rogue Fable III should be on your radar. While it can be completed in an hour, the game offers enough depth and replayability to entertain you for months to come. RF III lets you choose between 10 classes spread through 8 races, and each of them has a unique twist on gameplay mechanics. Add to this 100+ monsters, dozen of epic bosses, and enough abilities to make your head spin, and you can quickly see why Rogue Fable III is one of the best new games on Steam.


SCARF is an ambitious platformer/adventure made by Uprising Studios. With the help of your magical scarf, you will explore mesmerizing worlds and solve riddles to uncover your destiny. Aside from great visuals, SCARF has an impressive orchestral score and a cryptic story to back it up. While a bit short, this is a cool game that can be enjoyed by both young and old players -which is exceedingly rare.

Games on Steam: Scarf

What is the cost of being a hero? Steam

Tap Wizard 2

Lastly, we have a hectic idler/action RPG Tap Wizard 2. You are on a special mission to capture Chronosphere, which is anything but easy as you will be attacked by the Dark Forces. There are several wizards to choose from, each with unique spells and intricate skill trees that keep the game fresh. While still in early access, Tap Wizard 2 in many ways surpasses the original, and there’s still a lot of features waiting to be implemented in the following weeks.

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