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Games on Steam: Chillpocalypse

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Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games on this popular platform. This week, we learn about underground labs, pirate impostors, and badass retro shooter.


To begin, we have an online deduction game in the vein of Among Us. Stowaway is inspired by the classic find the impostor game but is instead set on a pirate ship in the 1500s. So far, the game consists of 2 teams: sailors and stowaways (5 players in each). The sailors need to vote off stowaways and man and the ship, while stowaways are tasked with killing the crew. There are also 2 upcoming roles (detective and maniac) that will complicate things even further. Even in this early stage, Stowaways is a really cool game that is best played with your friends.

Games on Steam: Stowaway

Okay, who of you two farted?! Steam


Dysmantle is a delightful post-apocalyptic mix of survival, RPG, and adventure. After many years, you have finally come out of your shelter, and now your goal is to escape from a dangerous island. To do this, you will have to farm, solve puzzles, fight mutated creatures, build outposts to mark your territory, and more. Remaining true to the title,  Dysmantle lets you destroy 99% of the environment and use its material.  The world is massive, and there are numerous ways you can go to ensure your survival, and even thrive in a hostile environment. Although it's still in early access, Dysmantle sets up a perfect atmosphere of desolation and chill. Dysmantle gameplayJeez, a guy can't even fish in peace around here … Steam


Prodeus is what happens when you take the visual style of Doom 2 and re-imagine it with modern rendering. This is an over-the-top shooter filled with badass weapons and adrenaline fused metal soundtrack. The game features dozens of maze-like maps and is quite similar to iD software's popular shooter. Prodeus also has an amazing level editor that's quite intuitive, along with a growing community that's churning up new levels all the time. If you love shooting everything that moves, this game will satisfy your urges. But seriously, get some help.

Games on Steam: Prodeus

An intense mix of retro and modern FPS Steam


Next in Games on Steam, we have a chilling psychological horror named ColdSide. The game takes place in an old laboratory, a place which was once used to study mysterious phenomena. You play as Chris, a digger with a desire to investigate this underground complex. ColdSide sets up a great setting from the start, thanks to the atmospheric music from Mikko Tarmia, who worked on Soma. Overall, this is a solid horror title that doesn't rely solely on tired jump scares.

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

Finally, how about an attractive side-scrolling platformer? Sakuna is a harvest goddess who just got banished to an island filled with demons. As she battles numerous monsters, she will combine the forces with humans to clear out the infested Hinoe Island. Sakuna has fun, fast-paced combat with a lot of moves to master. However, rather than being just a simple beat-em-up, you will also spend quite some time on resource management. All in all, Sakuna has a great story, fun gameplay, and beautiful visuals. What more do you need?

Games on Steam: Sakuna

Sakuna reimagines Japanese mythology Steam

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