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Games on Steam: A Race to Remember

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Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games from this popular platform. Today, we will talk about sending cryptic letters, creating your own village, exploring a tropical paradise, and how to drift into a dinosaur's mouth with style.

Founders' Fortune

To start, we have a well-rounded village builder. In Founders' Fortune, you take the control of a group of colonists who have just settled into a new land. To create a village, there are many tasks you need to do, such as, gather materials, build shelters, set up farms, and boost the morale of your group. As your village grows, you will gain the ability to trade and research new technologies with which you will defend from other factions. The Founders' Fortune is a complex and fun colony builder that can easily entertain you throughout the winter.

Games on Steam: Founders Fortune

So… who are we going to eat today? Steam

Harvest Island: Beginnings

If you dig simulators and are a fan of pixel-art, you are gonna love Harvest Island. This is a prequel where you will take the role of a boy named Will who is determined to explore the mysterious island. But first, you have to help your sister catch a raccoon to offer it as a sacrifice for gods. You know, the usual stuff. Harvest Island is inspired by games like Animal Crossing, and so far it looks pretty damn cute.

Harvest Island: Gameplay

A Short but sweet introduction Steam

Dash Dash World

Next, we have a frenetic VR racing game Dash Dash World. Although it's in early-access, the game has 100+ hours of content, including a story mode, boss fights, and energetic online competitions. Dash Dash World is similar Super Mario Kart series, so you can expect dozens of weapons and power-ups that will help you slow down other players. Even frying pans.  With a variety of modes, it is suitable for both experienced racers and casual players who want to just compete with their friends.

Games on Steam: Dash Dash World

They pay me too little for this shiiiiii… Steam

Waiting For The Raven

Congratulations, you have become the master of spies! Set in the medieval period, Waiting for the Raven tasks you with taking over the city, without ever leaving your room.  To do this, you will have to find clever ways to plant secret agents, eliminate your competition, and manipulate numerous characters. All of this will be done through letters which you will also have to decipher by solving puzzles. It's on you to create your path and see if you can thrive in this unique strategy game.Waiting for the Raven gameplay Steam


We will conclude this week's list with a unique story-rich game called Omori. Primarily this is RPG, but devs mixed many genres into it, that it feels like we are cheating with this label. Omori also has a refreshing battle system that revolves around juggling different emotions. There are horror elements as well, which really add to the story. All in all, this is an intense and memorable game that's not afraid to get personal with the player.

Games on Steam: Omori

A cute but unnerving RPG Steam

You are just scratching the surface. To find out more cool Games on Steam, take a look at our last week's edition here.

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