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Games on Steam: A New Adventure

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Games on Steam

Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games on this popular platform. Today, we will cover a bizarre alien adventure, a fun slasher, and a workout game that will get you in shape.

PowerBeats VR

To start, we have PowerBeats – a VR fitness game. In it, you will dodge and punch through various courses in the rhythm of energetic music. The game offers 50+ workouts and lets you upload your own music, so its replay value is quite high. PowerBeats courses are also customizable, so you can easily adjust it to your own fitness level. If you've found BeatSaber a bit stale and need something more challenging, this game will gladly fulfill that request.

Games on Steam: PowerBeats

Do a full workout in VR Steam

Unreal Life

What would you if you lost all of your memories? This question is the basic premise of Unreal Lifea new pixel-art adventure. In it, you play as a little girl who only remembers the name of Miss Sakura.  It's your job to find her, by solving fun puzzles and rediscovering your memories in the process. This game also has a pretty strong story that might make you emotional at the end. Bottom line, Unreal Life is a charming and refreshing take on one of the most used premises.

Unreal Life Gameplay

Who am I? Steam

Hiveswap: Act 2

Next, we have a continuation of an off-beat adventure/visual novel. Hiveswap puts you back in the roles of Joey and Xefros, as they explore the weird planet called Alternia. The game is packed with memorable characters and has a dark and intriguing storyline. Overall, this is a solid hand-drawn point-and-click adventure with a lot of character that acts as a nice throwback to the '90s.

Games on Steam: Hiveswap

A wacky continuation of the series Steam

Melvor Idle

And now for something a little bit different. Melvor Idle is an incremental game with a ton of skills to master, each of which interacts beautifully with others. There are tons of unique enemies, even bosses, that you can tackle in a variety of ways. Basically, this is a Runescape without the gameplay, but it works. Although it's a background game, Melvor Idle is very rewarding and can easily take chunks out of your day.

Slasher's Keep

Lastly, we have a fun action RPG called Slasher's Keep. The name refers to the system of dungeons where the undesired are imprisoned. Now, it's time that you escape. Slasher's Keep takes you through 10 randomly generated dungeons filled with traps, treasures, and deadly enemies. The game has a fantastic combat system and is fairly challenging, as every time you die, you have to restart your adventure on another random level. All in all, Slasher's keep is way above your average Indie RPG, and can easily keep you glued to your screen for hours.

Slasher's Keep gameplay

Entertaining RPG with great art style Steam

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