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Games on Steam: A Murder Mystery



Games on Steam

Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games on this popular platform. Today, we’ll cover quirky detective story, trippy platformer, artistic puzzler, and more.

Paradise Killer

Paradise Island is an idyllic place outside of normal reality. However, its reputation soon becomes questionable as there’s been a murder. You play as Lady Love Dies, an investigation freak that wants to crack this case wide open. Paradise Killer is filled to the brim with quirky characters and its mysterious surrounding is equally captivating. At its core, this is a detective game set in an open-world that rewards your sense of exploration. It’s fun, has an engaging storyline, and kickass musical score.

Paradise Killer 2 gameplay

Paradise Killer is a detective game that drips with style  Steam

The Unfinished Swan

Next, we have a unique puzzle game. The Unfinished Swan follows the story of a young orphan named Monroe who is following a swan through a mesmerizing world. Most of it is also hidden, and you will need to splash the paint around to find your way and solve the puzzles. Aside from the relaxing visuals, The Unfinished Swan also has a heartwarming story that is best not to spoil.

The Unfinished Swan gameplay

An artsy puzzle game Steam


Spinch is a crazy psychedelic platformer that might make you high just from looking at it. Its distinct style is the product of Jesse Jacobs, a renowned Canadian cartoonist. Put aside the visuals, and you have a solid platformer with an old-school sense of difficulty. Expect to replay the same sections multiple times to master the timing, which can be challenging even for the speedrunners. If you are a fan of visual candy and are ready to put in the work, Spinch is a great choice.

Games on Steam: Spinch

This kaleidoscopic artwork might unclutch your chakras Steam

Colony Siege

If you’d take a game like Starcraft and sprinkle in some tower defense elements, you’d get Colony Siege. In it, your goal is to defend the last of Earth’s colonies from various alien invaders. To do that, expect to use shockwaves, air missiles, orbital strikes, and various special abilities. In action, it all looks totally chaotic, but also wickedly fun. The whole campaign can be played in co-op, and that is even more rewarding. Colony Siege has tons of upgrades and power-ups in store for you, which lets you be flexible in your gameplay. All in all, this is a fun hybrid that successfully combines the elements of both genres.

Star Renegades

Lastly, we have a solid tactical RPG sprinkled with a bit of rogue-lite mechanics. You play as a robot J5T-1N and your goal is to protect the world from Imperium.  The campaign is challenging and procedurally generated, and each time you fail you will start in a different dimension. Furthermore, the bosses and enemies are constantly evolving and adapting to your strategies. This makes Star Renegades constantly unique. The game has an interesting turn-based combat system that lets you see what enemies think beforehand, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. If you enjoy strategizing,  Star Renegades will occupy you for hours upon hours.

Gaems on Steam: Star Renegades

Star Renegades combines complex combat with rogue-like elements Steam

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