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Games on Steam: A Magical Adventure



Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles this popular platform’s latest and greatest Indie games. Today, we will jump into the boots of an interstellar detective, learn how to grow ancient civilizations, explore bizarre mansions, and quite more.


To warm up, we have a retro side-scrolling shooter from VidyGames. Set in a distant future, Re.Surs follows the story of a paranormal detective Jessie Sullivan who is trying to stop a dangerous criminal. In total, you will get control of 3 characters with distinct abilities and a huge array of weapons. Re.Surs mixes style with substance, so you can expect a complex storyline, epic boss fights, and cool visuals. This is a retro shooter done right, and, considering the price, it’s a steal.

Re.surs gameplay

An immersive and entertaining side scroller Steam

Slice of Sea

If you are looking for something to chill with, I’d recommend Slice of Sea. This is a hand-drawn adventure in which you’ll help a wacky creature named Seaweed get back to the ocean. To do this, you’ll have to explore a mesmerizing desolate world that looks like a painting has come to life. Each aspect of the game has been carefully crafted, and its puzzles are amazing. It’s very rare that I think of games as a true work of art. Well, this one is.

Uninvited Guest

Uninvited Guest is a promising atmospheric horror game. You play as a villager in the 1930s tasked with finding a unique painting in an old mansion by a big collector. As you can imagine, things turn eerie quite quickly, thanks to the masterful use of sound and visuals. Although pretty short, Uninvited Guest won me over with its disturbing imagery and weird sense of humor.

There is No Light 616

Here we have a prologue of an atmospheric Metroidvania/RPG created by Hypetrain Digital. There is No Light 616 is a challenging and chaotic game that takes place in Underworld filled with demonic forces. It incorporates Rage combat system that rewards aggressive players and brings enough weapon variety for you to create a unique playstyle. While captivating, There is no Light is also quite challenging, so you should bring your A-game.  The game is non-linear and its world will constantly shift depending on your actions, which should make for an interesting adventure.

Games on Steam: There is a Light 616

A promising prelude to a souls-like Metroidvania Steam

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization

Next, we have a charming village builder that has just entered early access. Set in a magical yet dangerous ancient world, you will have to constantly adapt if you want to remain in history books. To do this, you will have to protect “Thinker” – a powerful yet weak figure that leads people and finds new technologies. Aside from that, you’ll need to tame wild beasts, design intricate defense systems, and more. Each playthrough of Kaiga is completely unique, as your surroundings will constantly change. While a bit unpolished, Kainga has a lot of potential that I hope will be realized in the coming months.

Gardenia: Prologue

Gardenia follows Mr. C – a genius scientist who decided to explore a magical island. It’s up to you to garden, craft beautiful compositions, mine, and rearrange the island to your liking. Gardenia: Prologue is a relaxing introduction to an upcoming game that could do very well if it sticks to this script.

Crisis VRigade 2

It’s time to dust off your VR headset and jump into a chaotic shooter. In Crisis VRigade 2, you will become a swat trooper and go through a series of realistic and brutal gunfights. The game is a huge improvement over the original, with crisper graphics, good twists, and great level design. Crisis VRigade 2 is one of the best new games on Steam, but it’s also pretty hard. You will die a lot, but always come back for more.

Crisis VRigade 2 gameplay

An immersive, punishing, and chaotic VR experience Steam

3 Minute Heroes

Lastly, we have an addictive mix of RTS, deck-building, and tower defense. 3 Minute Heroes tasks you with defending your home from the incoming waves of monsters. The game lets you choose between 20 unique heroes and hundreds of cards that create interesting synergies. In short, 3 Minute Heroes is reminiscent of the original Plants vs Zombies and should appeal to everyone that enjoyed it.

Games on Steam: 3 Minute Heroes

A great casual RTS with a lot of room for growth Steam

Games on Steam has over 100 editions, so you will never run out of cool games to play. You can check the last one here.

When he is not climbing ranks in League of Legends or battling the Nameless King in Dark Souls 3, Marko writes about everything gaming related. He lives in Zagreb and is an ambitious Netflix addict.