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Games on Steam: A Descent into Darkness



Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games from this popular platform. This week, we’ll learn what makes a good samurai, how to escape from a mental institution, what’s the best way to dispose of orcs, and more.

Samurai Gunn 2

To start, we have a hectic retro fighter that will really test your reflexes. Samurai Gunn 2 lets you take command of 6 samurais, each with unique skills that suit different playstyles. They will have to trudge through the Forbidden Forest and fight against the Cursed Tengu. Samurai Gunn 2 has impeccably designed gameplay mechanics, which is easy to learn but hard to master. Aside from fun adventure mode, you can test your chopping skills against other players in versus. Although it’s still in early access, Samurai Gunn 2 already has a ton of features, so there’s no reason not to jump in.

Samurai Gunn 2 gameplay

A stylish, fast-paced, 2D fighter Steam


Deca is an unsettling horror game that takes place inside a psychiatric hospital. You wake up all bloody, disoriented, without any recollection of how you came here. You are almost in complete darkness but can see a pile of corpses lying around. And then, you start hearing noises … As you can see, Deca manages to capture the atmosphere of dread from the get-go, and it doesn’t let off. To survive, you will have to evade a cunning AI while solving a bunch of puzzles. The game is similar to Outlast, so if you enjoyed that one, you should give it a try.

F1 2021

If you are looking for a realistic formula racing simulator, you cannot ignore F1 2021. This year, devs added a new storyline called Braking Point and a 2-player career mode. Career mode will give you 10 years to climb with your team to the top, which certainly won’t be easy. You can also compete against other people if you think your skills are impeccable. In short, you will be hard-pressed to find a better formula game on the market.

Orc Must Die! 3

Orc Must Die! 3 is a wacky tower defense strategy that takes the series one step further. We get more types of orcs, weapons, traps, and upgrades, that lets us unleash chaos on a massive scale. You can play it in co-op, which makes it even more entertaining. All in all, if you are into chopping orcs heads and carefully strategizing, Orc Must Die! 3 is one of the games on Steam that you shouldn’t pass on.

Games on Steam: Orc Must Die 3

Oh well, I guess that everything is under control … Steam

Death’s Door

If you are looking for a great action RPG reminiscent of the Zelda series, you might enjoy Death’s Door. It follows the journey of Crow, whose job is to reap the souls of the dead. One day, someone steals your soul, so it’s time to locate the filthy thief, a task that will take you to a twisted realm where death doesn’t exist. Death’s Door lets you use magic, arrows, and melee weapons to fight against demigods and wild beasts. It has a great atmosphere and is filled with charmful characters that you are not likely to forget anytime soon.

Death's Door gameplay

Encounter weird and charmful characters in the land beyond death Steam

Mini Motorways

Next, how about a casual simulator in which you design a traffic network for a growing city? In Mini Motorways, you will be drawing roads in procedurally generated cities, so every game will be unique. To make the best out of it, you will have to think in advance, as bad design decisions will impact all of its inhabitants. Mini Motorways has a nice minimalistic style that coupled with a good soundtrack sets up a relaxing experience. Overall, this is one of the chiller games on Steam that can take up hours of your time.

Creepy Tale 2

Creepy Tale 2 is a dark adventure based on a brothers Grimm fairy tale. In it, we follow a boy named Lars who is trying to save his little sister from evil forces. The world we encounter is full of hidden traps and puzzles that will require some thinking. Creepy Tale 2 sets up a gloomy atmosphere from the start, which is build up with excellent visuals and a smart story. In short, I’d recommend this to the fans of the genre.

Haunt Chaser

Here we have an interesting horror co-op experience. Set in an abandoned village, Haunt Chaser lets you choose between 2 roles: chaser and a paranormal entity. Chasers have to free the spirits and banish the evil by using different tools, such as Mystic Stones, EMF readers, and magical wards. They will also need to solve puzzles, while paranormal entity does its best to stop them. Haunt Chaser is as terrifying as it’s engaging, and I cannot wait to see how it develops.

Haunt Chaser gameplay

Can you stop the evil? Steam

House Builder: First Job

Lastly, we have a prologue to an interesting survival/exploration sim. In House Builder, you will have to build structures in order to survive in harsh conditions, such as the Arctic and tropical jungles. Each level will be placed in a different time period which will present different challenges. House Builder puts a lot of attention to detail and this prologue showed that it has serious potential.

House Builder gameplay

Explore your surroundings. Gather materials. Build structures. Steam

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